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Rewind to stream on Netflix in March

rewind to stream on netflix in march

The Filipino romantic drama film Rewind, starring real-life married couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, will be available to stream on Netflix starting this year on March 25.

The film tells the story of a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, where both of them struggle to fix their romantic relationship.

After a tragedy occurs, it explores themes of time travel and self-discovery. The characters relive the same day repeatedly, giving them a chance to re-evaluate their relationship.

Rewind gained recognition for its innovative storytelling and compelling performances by the cast. 

With its upcoming availability on Netflix, Rewind is poised to reach a broader audience and leave a lasting impact on the global cinematic landscape.

Rewind was initially released in theaters in the Philippines in 2023. It was directed by Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar and stars veteran actors and actresses in the industry, including Pepe Herrera, Sue Ramirez, and Coney Reyes. 

The film has received critical acclaim for its performances, directing, and writing. 

It was nominated for several awards at the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival Gabi ng Parangal, including Best Picture, Float, Best Actor (Dingdong Dantes), and Best Actress (Marian Rivera).

Rewind was also a box office success, grossing over ₱889 million in the Philippines as of January 2024. 

It is the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, surpassing the previous record held by “Hello Love Goodbye” in 2019.

Rewind will be available to stream on Netflix in over 190 countries.  

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