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Public Advisory: Beware of Fake National ID Websites


The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has issued an advisory on Tuesday, May 18, informing the public that the website https://www.philsysid.com is not affiliated with the agency.

“The public is warned that information about the national ID found in the abovementioned website are false and inaccurate,” the agency said. 

It added that to “get accurate, official information, and the latest updates on the PhilSys and its implementation through its official websites: https://philsys.gov.ph and https://psa.gov.ph/philsys.”

—(Source: PSA)

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to register to the Philippine National ID online, check out: How to Register for Philippine National ID Online

If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration, please contact PSA via the following feedback channels:

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