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Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei marries a commoner 

prince abdul mateen marries anisha rosnah

Prince Abdul Mateen, one of Asia’s most eligible bachelors, married his commoner fiancée Anisha Rosnah on Thursday, January 11.

A matrimonial ceremony in the Islamic tradition was conducted for the 32-year-old prince and Yang Mulia Anisha Rosnah, aged 29, within the confines of a mosque adorned with a golden dome situated in the capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan.

Mateen, the tenth son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, who holds the record for being the world’s longest-reigning monarch and was formerly the wealthiest individual globally, is positioned quite low in the line of succession.

The woman he married is said to be the granddaughter of one of his father’s principal advisers and is rumored to be involved in a fashion brand and shares ownership of a tourism enterprise.

Dressed in traditional white attire adorned with diamond-shaped patterns and a coordinating headpiece, Mateen was chauffeured to the mosque in a luxurious sedan.

Seated on a raised yellow cushion, he occupied a central position in front of an imam who conducted the ceremony exclusive to males, with the sultan, other family members, and guests in attendance. Following the ceremony, Mateen approached his father and reverently kissed his hand.

The pinnacle of celebrations for the royal wedding is anticipated on Sunday, featuring a splendid ceremony within the 1,788-room palace and an intricate procession.

The anticipated guest list includes dignitaries from international royalty and political circles. Expressing her excitement, 22-year-old university student Syahida Wafa Mohamed Shah likened the event to a fairytale as she spoke near the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque where the marriage was officially solemnized.

On Sunday, numerous Bruneians are planning to line the streets to witness the royal newlyweds participating in a grand procession. “It feels like something out of a movie,” remarked 19-year-old Nazatul Izzati Saifulrizal.

Prince Abdul Mateen, an accomplished helicopter pilot and a major in the Royal Brunei Air Force, gained recognition for his achievements in sports such as polo. His pursuits also included unique experiences like socializing with tigers, and he garnered a substantial following of 2.5 million on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the announcement of their engagement came in October 2023, but it is widely believed that they had been in a relationship for several years, although specific details about their courtship are not well-documented. The couple was seen together at the wedding celebrations of Mateen’s sisters, Princess Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah in 2023 and Princess Fadzilah in 2022.

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