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Piers Morgan Interviews TikTok Prankster Mizzy for his Public Terrorizing Pranks

piers morgan interviews tiktok prankster mizzy for his public terrorizing pranks

Piers Morgan took TikToker Mizzy into a heated argument on Wednesday May 24, for terrorizing people in his TikTok videos with one of the famous ones being Mizzy walking into a random person’s house and the owners being shocked. 

The social media star, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored hours after he was in Thames Magistrates Court, where he was guilty of failing to comply with community protection notice that has been issued last May with police investigation on online videos of him running into stranger’s house and stealing a dog from a woman. 

In the heated argument, Piers tested the viral star, who has done other mischievous things that trouble people in public, making Pier ask why he chooses to cause “so much alarm and distress to so many people.”

His guest replied: “This whole public uproar just makes me laugh because people are getting hurt over something that didn’t happen to them and that’s how I see it as.”

Piers described the TikTok star as ‘moronic’ and asked, “What has been motivating you to terrorize the people around where you live?”

The TikToker contended saying he has remorse and was just having fun for the videos. 

“I wouldn’t really call it terrorizing, I’ll just call it having fun,” the TikTok star said.

“Of course I care… I have remorse,” the TikToker followed.

Piers encouraged the man to talk about his “sob story,” but the TikToker replied saying, “Are you trying to get onto me because I’m black?”

Piers was fuming and replied, “I don’t give a damn about your skin color. I just think you’re an idiot.”

Piers insisted that the TikToker does not show remorse and it becomes a back and forth conversation.

The TikToker says he apologized to the woman whose house he walked into off-camera.

“You see this situation that blew up on the internet walking into random houses, the next day I apologized to the woman because I felt bad, ” the TikToker stated.

He says it was just in the spur of the moment and his ego took over him. He then realizes it at the moment and apologizes the next day.

“I went to go and apologize off social media. I could have recorded that apology, that would have been another viral video whether it’s hate or whatever. Literally, hate brings money. Hate brings likes. Hate brings views. It doesn’t matter, love or hate, it still brings views, the TikToker emphasized. 

The interview continued with a back and forth insult, with Piers Morgan ending the interview to stop the returns. – WhatALife!/Zain

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