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Philip Dizon dies in road accident

philip dizon dies in road accident

Businessman Philip “Sonny” Dizon died in a road accident on Sunday, January 6, along Bansalan-Balutakay route in Davao del Sur. 

A report from the Bansalan Municipal Police Station stated that 64-year-old Davao businessman, Philip Dizon, owner of the well-known Davao Crocodile Park in the Philippines, was heading to Barangay Managa when he unexpectedly lost control of his motorcycle. This occurred as he swerved into the opposite lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle along Gumamela Street on the Bansalan-Balutakay Road, according to the investigator’s report.

The businessman who owns both the two-hectare Davao Crocodile Park in the area and the Mt. Apo Civet Coffee in Davao del Sur was riding his black Can-Am three-wheeler when he lost control in the middle of the road. 

After the incident, he was thrown off the vehicle and collided with the concrete road which is the cause of his death, as detailed in the report from Police Captain Orland Uvalde of the Bansalan municipal police.

Emergency responders quickly transported him to Davao del Sur Provincial Hospital in Digos City, where he later announced dead due to the extensive injuries he got from the accident. 

Additionally, Philip Dizon was the owner of Dizon Farms and the Mt. Apo Highland Resort in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. He also held the position of president at the American Chamber of Commerce – Mindanao (AmChamMindanao).

Dizon created an impact in the business world, his initial venture into business stemmed from his fascination with crocodiles and their remarkable survival instincts. He recognized the potential for breeding captive animals for the leather market.

Moreover, he played a significant role in developing various areas in Davao City, introducing multiple tourism attractions and adventures such as water rafting, zorbing, and zip lining. He also contributed to establishing several restaurants and resorts in the region.

Among his notable accomplishments, Dizon’s fascination with crocodiles prompted a strong commitment to nature conservation within his primary business pursuits. The Crocodile Park, inaugurated in 2005, embodied the theme of “Working with nature for a better future.” It aimed not only to protect nature but also actively contribute to its conservation efforts.

Meanwhile, Philip Dizon widowed her wife Jackie Garcia and left his children Bianca, Rosanna and Marco in agony for his passing. 

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