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Petition for Marshall and Millions Nearing 1 Million Signature Goal

petition for marshall and millions mearing one million signature goal

LONDON, UK — The change.org petition on holding London’s Met Police accountable for unjustly killing two dogs, Marshall and Millions, has reached almost one million signatures. 

On Sunday, in East London, two pet dogs named Marshall and Millions were shot fatally by armed police. The dogs were allegedly “attacking” another woman’s dog and were deemed “out of control.” However, many claims have surfaced that the dogs were well-behaved. Their owner, Louie Turnbull, denounced the act as “disgusting.”

With the incident going viral, people all over the internet have made artwork, shared their love for pets, and encouraged people to stop animal brutality. Along with these good causes, people have made a petition against the police who have killed the two leashed dogs. 

Currently, the petition has over 920,940 signatures nearing the 1 million mark. 

The petition accuses the Metropolitan Police of attempting to justify the killing of the two dogs. It questions why it is fine for the police to not only taser the owner, who was not a threat at all, but also kill the two dogs.

The petition was originally made by a rescue dog handler named Sadie Geoghegan-Dann. She urged people to sign the petition and hold the police accountable for their “inhumane and unjustifiable” actions towards the dogs.

After the incident, the owner of the dogs, Louie Turnbull, faced charges of not having full control of the dogs. He appeared in court accusing the officers, but the officers defended themselves, stating that the dogs had aggressive behavior and did what they had to do to protect themselves.

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As seen in the video, the first dog was shot and suffered a long, painstaking death. The second dog stood in its place, barking as it was in a state of panic. The dog ran towards the owner, only for the police to shoot it anyway.

The officers were filmed, and people on the scene witnessed the whole incident. The public is demanding why the police did not use other countermeasures, such as sedatives, instead of killing the dogs. – WhatALife!/Zain

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