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PAGASA issues El Niño Watch; asks public to save water

pagasa issues el nino watch asks public to save water

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Meteorologists from PAGASA, the state weather bureau, declared a strong possibility that the country will experience El Niño in the next six months.

El Niño is characterized by the increased temperature of oceans, and an El Niño Watch is issued if the likelihood of the development of the weather phenomenon is higher than 55%.

During a press briefing, PAGASA announces that hot weather is anticipated to develop from July to September and may still be felt until 2024.

El Niño increases the chances of below-normal rainfall conditions, which could mean droughts and dry spells in some places in the country.

Early forecasts also showed an exacerbated extreme weather condition globally.

As described by scientists, El Niño causes unprecedented heatwaves. There is already a forecast for the temperature to go off the charts in 2023, which is ranked fifth or sixth hottest by the global datasets.

PAGASA warns the public to prepare for El Niño as it has started to set in. It also advised Filipinos to take precautions against heat stress, stay dehydrated, and optimize the consumption of water for domestic and personal use.

Specifically, the PAGASA officials reminded the public to conserve water by doing the following:

1. Use a glass of water when toothbrushing.
2. Water the plants in the morning or in the evening.
3. Take a bath for five minutes tops.
4. Use a bucket of water and a rag to wash the car or bike.
5. Only use the washing machine when it is fully loaded.
6. Use water basins when washing dishes by hand.
7. Collect rainwater.

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