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P-Pop advocates for free, quality education at UP Fair 

p pop advocates for free quality education at up fair

The six-day music festival of the UP Fair dedicates a stage to Filipino pop (P-Pop) acts, aptly named “Pop Rising,” and uses it to advocate for free, quality education for all.

Organized by the University Student Council (USC), the festival features six thematic days, each aligned with specific human rights advocacies. 

“Pop Rising,” held on Tuesday, February 14th, saw P-Pop acts like BGYO, MNL48, and SB19 gracing the stage, not just to entertain, but to raise awareness about the struggles and aspirations surrounding education in the Philippines.

The event was presented by PSYSC (Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs) & ENGAGE UP, student organizations committed to social justice and youth empowerment. 

Through music, performances, and talks, “Pop Rising” aimed to spark conversations about the challenges faced by students, such as rising tuition fees, limited access to quality education, and the need for educational reforms.

The event resonated deeply with students and the wider community. Many attendees expressed their appreciation for the platform given to P-Pop artists to address social issues, particularly one as critical as education. 

The inclusion of P-Pop in the advocacy campaign signifies the growing influence of the genre. 

Despite the mixed reactions, UP Fair’s “Pop Rising” undoubtedly sparked important conversations. By blending entertainment with social activism, the event challenged traditional perceptions and offered a unique perspective on the fight for free, quality education in the Philippines.

As the UP Fair continues, it remains to be seen if other thematic days will follow suit and utilize their platforms for similar advocacy efforts.

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