Home UP fair love story inspires The Juans’ valentine’s day, “pwede ba kitang ligawan?”

UP fair love story inspires The Juans’ valentine’s day, “pwede ba kitang ligawan?”

up fair love story inspires the juans valentines day pwede ba kitang ligawan

The annual University of the Philippines (UP) Fair witnessed a moment of courage blossom into love, inspiring OPM band The Juans and their latest Valentine’s Day campaign.

A man named Rex, who had harbored feelings for Patricia for over a year, finally confessed his love during The Juans’ performance. With the band’s romantic tunes creating the perfect ambiance, Rex leaped, and the crowd erupted in cheers as Patricia reciprocated his feelings. 

Capitalizing on the spirit of this real-life love story, The Juans released their new single “Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan?”—a playful and encouraging song urging individuals to muster their courage and express their feelings. 

The band celebrates the abundance of love on Valentine’s Day and encourages everyone to take a leap of faith.

The Juans hope their music becomes the soundtrack for blossoming love stories. They emphasize the importance of taking risks and asking the question, “Pwede ba kitang ligawan?” Even small steps, driven by courage and genuine feelings, can lead to meaningful connections.

Carl Guevarra, The Juans’ frontman, encourages listeners to “give it your all” and chase their love interests. He believes in the transformative power of love and reminds everyone that “walang imposible”—nothing is impossible with love.

While Rex and Patricia’s story sparked the campaign, The Juans’ message extends to everyone on their love journey. 

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