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Oro Advisory: Mandatory use of face masks in Public


Under City Ordinance No. 13849-2020, all individuals entering the premises of Cagayan de Oro and its public places are obliged to wear or use face masks “during a public health emergency, epidemic or pandemic and when there is a declaration of community quarantine.”

Individuals who will violate the ordinance will face appropriate penalties, according to the following offense:

  • 1st Offense: Two hours of community service;
  • 2nd Offense: Four hours of community service;
  • 3rd and subsequent Offenses: Eight hours of community service
  • Minors found violating this ordinance shall be admonished and given a lecture together their parents or guardians by the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children


See the full Executive Order below:


—(Source: City Information Office)

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