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One toddler survived Thailand nursery massacre

thailand massacre survivor

THAILAND — Paveenut Supolwong is a miracle survivor of the Thailand nursery massacre, a fatal shooting and stabbing incident that killed almost two dozen children aged two to four years old.

Paveenut Supolwong, or “Ammy” to her loved ones, survived the harrowing incident by slumbering under a blanket in the corner of the classroom.

Ammy’s mother, Panompai Sithong, details that while her child is usually a light sleeper, she was fast asleep with a blanket on her face when the murderer burst into the nursery.

The toddler sleeping through the whole ordeal likely saved her life.

She was the only child who escaped unscathed after the killer, former police officer Panya Khamrap, went on a killing spree that took the lives of more than 30 people in the town of Uthai Sawan.

Ammy has no recollection of the tragedy, her mother said. They said that after the killer left, someone found Ammy in the corner of the classroom. She woke up facing the wall, so the person carried her with a blanket on her face to make sure she didn’t see the bodies of her classmates.

According to police, 11 children died in the classroom, while two others were in the hospital with serious head wounds.

Unaware of the tragedy, Ammy is said to have asked her grandmother why she has not “picked up Techin from school.” The former was her best friend, whom she slept nearby in the nursery.

Her family had to tell her that her best friend and teacher were dead.

Locals flocked to Ammy’s house on Sunday to join a Buddhist ceremony for children who endured bad experiences. 

Panompai believed that spirits protected her child during the massacre.

“My kid is not a deep sleeper,” Panompai said. “I believe there must be some spirits covering her eyes and ears. We have different beliefs, but to me, I think it protected my kid.”

Another relative also told local media that the toddlers’ survival was a “miracle.” – WhatALife!

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