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Norway vs Philippines: Norway Knocks Out Philippines from Group Stage

norway knocks out philippines from group stage

The Philippines faced a powerhouse, Norway, on June 30, Sunday at 3:00 PM. Norway vs Philippines resulted in 6-0, a dominant win for Norway. 

In the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Group A team, Norway vs Philippines, was held at Eden Park in Auckland on Sunday. Predictions were stated about the two teams, with most favoring Norway as this is the Philippines’ first time in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, so they were labeled as underdogs.

Norway vs. the Philippines was scheduled on July 30, 3:00 PM Philippine time, for our nation to watch how the Philippine national team performs in their first-ever World Cup. The Philippines was able to advance after defeating New Zealand 1-0 marking their first-ever win in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

After struggling to get the flow in the first two games, Norway did not seem to have issues against the Philippines, already having a 3-0 lead by halftime and scoring another 3 goals by the end of the match. 

Sophie Roman Haug scored the first two goals for the Norwegians and got herself a hat trick late in the match. Norway’s strong team composition and refined play allowed them to overcome their slow start and advance to the knockout stages. These are the same feats they have done in their previous FIFA Women’s World Cup games.

Sophie Roman Haug scored early on the game at 6’ as she started off strong for Norway. On 17’, Sophie Roman Haug scored again in just 17 minutes. On 31’, Caroline Graham Hansen scored the third goal for Norway in the first half. 

On 48’, a tragic own goal by the Philippines as Norway crosses the ball to the left winger, and the ball gets in the net by the defender of the Philippines, giving Norway their 4-0 lead. 

On 53’, another goal for Norway by Guro Reiten as she scored a penalty. The Philippine defenders have fouled and given the Norwegians a penalty after a close look into it by the referees through a VAR. 

Sofia Harrison received a red card at 67’ after a dangerous tackle to one of the defenders of Norway, leaving the Philippines with 10 players for the rest of the match. 

On 95’, Sophie Roman Haug scores a hat trick and gives Norway a 6-0 lead ending the match in a great fashion. – WhatALife!/Zain

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