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Nora Aunor to star in the upcoming film ‘Pieta’

nora aunor to star in the upcoming film pieta

MANILA, Philippines – Superstar Nora Aunor will be singing again in her upcoming film ‘Pieta’ after losing her Golden Voice in 2010.

Nora openly shared with the public, while crying over the loss of her “golden voice” in a 2012 interview with ABS-CBN, expressing her emotional response to watching other singers perform.

However, in a recent preview of her upcoming movie “Pieta” in Cubao, Quezon City, Nora surprised attendees by singing the Kapampangan folk song “Atin Cu Pung Singsing” a cappella during one of the film’s scenes.

Even though Nora was unable to attend the special screening due to being unwell, she was featured singing the traditional folk song in the film.

Director Adolf Alix Jr. shared that Nora insisted on singing for the film, emphasizing the scene’s significance where the song is performed.

Natuwa rin kami dahil first time niya ulit kumanta sa isang pelikula after so many years,” Adolf said.

When asked if Nora is ready for a concert, the director said “Ah, depende po yata. Hindi ko po masagot. Siya po ang tanungin ninyo”.

Pero para po dito, alam ko, medyo hirap siya. Pero dahil alam niya ‘yung importansya nung kanta dun sa role niya, pinilit niya po na gawin,” Adolf added.

Kahit ‘yun, nakita niyo in between, kung medyo ano… sabi ko, ‘Sige, okay lang,’ basta yung essence naman ng gagawin, nandu’n.” he said.

“Pieta,” a production by Alternative Vision Cinema, had originally been planned as a participant in the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival but did not make it as an official entry.

Director Adolf mentioned that the film is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024. The cast includes Jaclyn Jose, Gina Alajar, Alfred Vargas, and Ina Raymundo.


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