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Netizens react to unfazed ‘Lynlyn’ amid Landslide in Davao de Oro

netizens react to unfazed lynlyn amid landslide in davao de oro

Netizens have shared videos of a certain ‘Lynlyn,’ moving at a slow and indifferent pace in the face of a landslide happening before her. 


This was shouted by some residents of Tuboran, Mawab, Davao de Oro to Lynlyn walking along the roadside. She seemed unaware of the landslide threat in the area caused by the bad weather last January 31, 2024. She was holding her umbrella and was occasionally looking at the occurring landslide while residents screamed at her to hasten.

Netizens have even created an AI-generated image of Lynlyn amid the landslide, showing their fondness of her reaction to the predicament.

The video garnered thousands of views, with Facebook reactions ranging from amusement to concern. The amusement stems from the apparent unawareness of Lynlyn, regarding the danger in her surroundings. Conversely, the concern arises from the potential hazards that could have impacted the area.

Moreover, another resident from the same place was also captured displaying the same reaction as Lynlyn. A certain Marlon also garnered the attention and concern of the netizens. His seemingly nonchalant response to the threatening landslide and flooding in their area was similar to that of Lynlyn’s.

With this, Facebook users have jokingly turned it into a trend to “choose their own fighter,” whether it be Lynlyn or Marlon.

At some point in our lives, in the face of a natural disaster or unexpected happenstance bubbling up, we’ve all been Lynlyn and Marlon. Unfazed, unbothered, or perhaps shaken internally, rendering us unable to react outwardly in the face of natural disasters or unexpected events.

However, even amid the humor surrounding these events, it’s crucial to prioritize our safety. It is a reminder to always be notified of advisories and follow them directly especially if they’re for our own welfare of safety.

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