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WATCH: Nadine Movie Comeback “Greed” Teaser


Nadine Lustre is officially back! Just this morning, on February 9, writer, director, and cinematographer Yam Laranas released on his official Facebook account the teaser for the film “Greed”.

Watch the teaser below:

The film stars award-winning actress Nadine Lustre and actor Diego Loyzaga. The film is described as a gripping thriller directed by the critically-acclaimed director Yam Laranas. This will be Nadine’s first movie project since she left Viva Artists Agency in January 2020.

#GreedTeaser and Nadine Comeback Movie trend on Twitter

After its release, fans are of course fast in showing their support for their favorite actress on Twitter.

In a post shared by a fan on Twitter, we see a short synopsis of the movie via the exclusive VivaMax app:
“When a couple finds out they hit the biggest jackpot in the lottery, they make a quiet exit in their sleepy town; however, things don’t go as planned.”

We see a glimpse of a bloody lotto ticket teaser followed by a clip of Epy Quizon, who is also part of the movie. Next, we see the couple marking their calendar, believed to be patiently waiting to claim their prize until the public hype dies down.

After a few shots of the main characters living a simple life, the horror begins; the teaser shows a knife pointed at Nadine and her hacking down the knife with blood all over her body. Fans are also thrilled with the last clip showing a bloody, laughing Nadine that depicts her character’s downward spiral.

One fan shared her reaction to this clip over on Twitter, saying, “Goosebumpssss!! THE BEST ACTRESS NADINE LUSTRE IS BAACK!!”

There is no official date of release yet, but as seen in the VivaMax post shared above, the film will possibly premiere on April 8. – WhatALife!

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