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Miles Ocampo opens up about rekindling romance with Elijah Canlas 

miles ocampo opens up about rekindling romance with elijah canlas

Actress Miles Ocampo has disclosed that she and Elijah Canlas are reigniting their romance after they split in 2023.

During an interview with TV 5’s Frontline Pilipinas, Miles confirmed that she and Elijah have resumed communication months after announcing their breakup last year.

When questioned whether they had reconciled, the actress, sporting a smile, shared that they were “working on it.”

This revelation follows Elijah’s subtle hint at their potential reconciliation during a previous interview with showbiz reporter MJ Felipe. 

When asked about his goals for 2024, Elijah cryptically hinted at the possibility of still harboring feelings for Miles. “Looking for love? What if love pa?” he mused.

 “There’s always love within us, right? And I have so much love to give, you know,” he continued.

Addressing rumors regarding their relationship status, Elijah told ABS-CBN News, “We’re friends. You’ll be the first to know.”

The two garnered attention in recent weeks after being spotted looking cozy together at Maine Mendoza’s birthday celebration. 

In an Instagram post shared by their friend, actor Thou Reyes, Miles, and Elijah were captured posing closely alongside Maine, Kakai Bautista, and Chamyto Aguedan.

Elijah confirmed their breakup with Miles in November 2023, revealing that it occurred “a couple of months ago.” Despite their separation, he expressed unwavering support and affection for Miles. 

“I’m always gonna have love for her and always gonna support her with whatever she does. I’m always her number one fan, basically. But right now, we are taking our time figuring ourselves and our lives out,” he previously stated.

The pair first went public about their relationship in May 2022, although their romance had commenced in 2021.

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