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Mikee Morada responds to Alex Gonzaga’s past miscarriage 

mikee morada responds to alex gonzagas past miscarriage

MANILA, Philippines – In a recent vlog released by Viy Cortez on her YouTube channel, married couple Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada underwent a Lie Detector Test.

The couple served as the special guests for the challenge where Alex was the one who asked her husband Mikee questions while the Lie Detector device was attached to him.

After a few questions, Alex ended up asking a question referring to their miscarriage.

Nung nag miscarriage tayo, sinisisi mo ba ako?” Alex asked.

“No,” Mikee replied.

The actress also asked her husband if he was mad at her about what happened.

Nagalit ka ba sa akin?” Alex asked.

Hindi,” Mikee said.

Di mo naman kasalanan yun,” Mikee added.

All of Mikee’s answers about the given questions in line with the miscarriage were all true as the lie detector device showed.

Alex also stated that throughout her miscarriage experience, Mikee never showed anger, he never made her feel blamed for what happened and he’s been so good to her.

It was in 2021, when Alex had her first miscarriage, in which she had an anembryonic pregnancy.

“Two months ago, we found out that I was pregnant and 3 weeks ago, we got heartbreaking news that we might be having an anembryonic pregnancy (blighted ovum),” the actress shared on social media.

Her second miscarriage happened in 2023, where she revealed to the public her miscarriage through an interview with her sister Toni Gonzaga.

“Sharing one’s motherhood journey is never easy because it brings back all the pain and feeling of loss,” she captioned her post after the second miscarriage.

Speaking about her pregnancy loss on the vlog, Alex said she made peace with it, knowing that her faith in the Lord is stronger than her pain.

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