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Gloc-9 opens up about the inspiration behind “Sirena”

Gloc-9's song 'Sirena'

MANILA, Philippines – In an interview with Toni Gonzaga on Toni Talks, rapper Gloc-9 shared that he was hesitant to release one of his biggest hits, “Sirena.”

When asked about a significant event in his rapping career, Gloc-9 recalled an experience with a bouncer who had a gay son.

“I guested in a show and there is this bouncer,” he said. “He told me, ‘Gloc-9, idol, thank you,’”.

“Why?” Toni asked.

“He answered, ‘Thank you because my son is a Sirena (Gay)’,” said Gloc-9.

“Then he said, ‘Now I understand because of your song’,” Gloc-9 added.

Gloc-9 acknowledges that these moments are priceless. The fulfillment he feels from helping improve someone else’s life in his own way is incomparable.

When asked how he wrote “Sirena”, Gloc-9 shared that his song “Sirena” was inspired by his neighbor Bridgette, a prominent figure in the gay community. 

Bridgette, despite dressing like a woman, was the primary breadwinner in his family, which Gloc-9 found inspiring.

Gloc 9 also highlighted the lyrics of the song, “Sometimes, gays are more masculine than men,” inspired by Brigette’s experience. It was Raymund Marasigan who pushed him to write the song “Sirena.”

The rapper also shared that he was hesitant to release the song back then.

“The shoes that I wear were not mine, I wrote a song that may offend someone,” he reasoned.

“I don’t wanna offend anybody,” Gloc-9 added.

The rapper also shared his experience while inviting Tito Boy in the music video. He expressed his deepest gratitude to those people who embrace his song.

Toni asked about the most rewarding aspect of being a rapper. “Being able to send my children to the school they desire, and being able to fulfill their requests,” he responded.

“It’s not the achievements, it’s not the awards, it’s never the awards. Awards are appreciated but all of it is not included in the goal,” Gloc-9 added.

He regards his award as an additional bonus.

Gloc-9’s responses to Toni inspire and amaze her, leading her to describe him as a devoted father.

To conclude the interview, Toni asked Gloc-9 about the lyrics that had made an impact on his life. In response, Gloc-9 rapped lyrics from his song ‘Walang Pumapalakpak.’

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