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Melason family welcomes new “miracle” baby

melason family welcomes new fur baby

In a recent 10-minute vlog entitled “Our New Miracle Baby”, the Melason family introduced a new member to their family.

In the vlog, Stella and Mela were excited about the idea of adopting a new dog. They announced their decision to adopt from Kuya JC, the owner of JC Dogs Republic, with enthusiasm.

When discussing their preferred dog breeds, Stella wanted a Golden Retriever, while Mela was interested in both a Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever.

Upon arriving at the venue, the “Our New Miracle Baby” vlog featured various celebrities, including Jolina Magdangal, Jane De Leon, and Angeline Quinto, attending the grand opening of the pet shop. They greeted Melai excitedly.

As the children began picking out a dog, they found a charming brown and furry one that they adored. Melai affectionately referred to the dog as “sosyal,” showing their fondness for the adorable canine.

Ito sosyal oh, para syang kuan,” said Melai.

Bawal yan sosyal yan, bawal satin yan,” Jason jokingly replied.

They took photos with the first dog before moving on to find another. They eventually found a small, furry brown dog that reminded them of their cousin, Zemira. They decided to adopt it and named the dog Miracle, inspired by Zemira’s name.

After some casual conversation, they made their final decision. The staff then took the chosen dog to the grooming area as the pet store ensures all dogs are groomed before going to their new homes.

The Melason family left the store with Miracle, their new addition. The siblings couldn’t help but shower their new fur baby with hugs and affection.

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