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Ong family goes to Singapore without Domeng

ong family goes to singapore without domeng

In Geo Ong’s recently released vlog entitled “Paalam Domeng,” his family traveled to Singapore to celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately, Domeng was not able to join them.

Domeng was not permitted to accompany them due to the absence of necessary documents, as he is an illegitimate child of the Ong family.

Hindi na sana kami tutuloy pero si meng gusto niya tumuloy kami,” Geo said. 

Enjoy ibang bansa,” Domeng said.

His mother and siblings, not of legitimate birth, struggle to contain their emotions about leaving Meng behind alone.

His brother even suggested staying with Meng instead of going with the others, but Meng wouldn’t allow it.

Meng’s parents escorted him to the car. They exchanged hugs before saying their goodbyes to Meng.

When they arrive at Singapore, the youngest sibling Jaydon remembers his Kuya Meng and asks his father about him. 

San banda si kuya Meng?” Jaydon asked.

Wala naiwan si kuya Meng,” Geo said.

Geo converses with Jaydon, aiding him in comprehending the situation. Ultimately, Jaydon emphasizes his fortune in having supportive and reliable siblings.

The family’s trip to Singapore was motivated by Jaydon’s long standing wish to visit Legoland. Unfortunately, Meng couldn’t accompany them this time.

Despite Meng’s absence, the family enjoyed their vacation by staying connected with him via video call. They indulged in diverse cuisines and toured Singapore’s attractions together, albeit virtually.

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