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Megan Young issues apology amidst backlash for hair fixing incident at Miss World 2023

Megan Young

Former Miss World Megan Young has issued a public apology following criticism for fixing the hair of Miss World Botswana, Lesego Chombo, during the Q&A portion of the 71st Miss World pageant on March 9. 

The incident sparked controversy among netizens, with accusations of cultural insensitivity and jeopardizing Chombo’s standing in the competition.

Megan Young, who was accused of “witchcraft” for her actions, took to her official Facebook page to express regret and issue an apology. 

She acknowledged “failing to oversee the bigger picture” and admitted that the incident could have caused distress during that crucial moment.

The Filipino beauty queen explained that she intended to offer a helping hand but recognized that her actions were culturally unacceptable. 

She revealed that she privately spoke with Chombo at the hotel, where she apologized for the incident.

“To those who witnessed the incident, I also want to apologize for any discomfort or confusion my actions may have caused. It was a thoughtless and disrespectful act, and I take full responsibility for it,” Megan Young stated in her apology.

Megan clarified that invading personal space or making anyone feel uncomfortable was not her intention. She committed to being more mindful and respectful in the future.

Meanwhile, Lesego Chombo took to her Facebook page to appeal to her countrymen to be kinder to Megan Young and the newly crowned Miss World 2022, Krystyna Pyszková of the Czech Republic, whose victory also faced criticism from African netizens.

“Batho bame (my people), I appreciate that you are all looking out for me, but it really doesn’t make me feel good when you bring other people down in my name or for my sake. Please be kinder, please. To Krystyna, to Megan, be kinder,” Chombo wrote.

Krystyna Pyszková, the second Czech beauty queen to be crowned Miss World after Taťána Kucharova in 2006, faced backlash alongside Megan Young. 

Conversely, Chombo secured a spot among the Top 4 alongside Ache Abrahams of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Megan Young remains the only Filipina to have won the Miss World title in 2013.

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