Home Maximillian releases ‘Beautiful Scars’ with Moira dela Torre

Maximillian releases ‘Beautiful Scars’ with Moira dela Torre

Maximillian releases ‘Beautiful Scars’ with Moira dela Torre

Danish singer Maximillian released on New Year’s Day an acoustic version of his 2019 viral hit track “Beautiful Scars.” The updated version is now turned into a duet with Filipino “Hugot Queen” Moira dela Torre.

The 2019 version is all about loving oneself and was a great hit with Filipino fans. “Beautiful Scars” reached triple-platinum status in the Philippines and garnered more than 45 million streams on Spotify in the previous year alone.

Check out the official acoustic track below:

Beautiful Scars (Acoustic) by Maximillian and Moira Dela Torre

According to the Danish singer, the 2021 acoustic version of “Beautiful Scars” was a way for him and his team to return the love and support received from the Philippines.

“I was talking back and forth with my team about how we could show appreciation for all the love and support I received in 2020 from the Philippines,” Maximillian said.

The Danish singer was introduced to Moira through MCA Music, a Philippine regional branch of the multinational Universal Music Group. Maximillian described Moira’s voice as “like one of an angel.”

Maximillian shared about the “Beautiful Scars” project: “We sent recordings back and forth until we were satisfied with the finished product. Super fun! She’s such a sweet person and I’m super stoked we made this collaboration!”

Moira considers “Beautiful Scars,” her first international collaboration, as an honor and shared her appreciation for her fans for “being one of the reasons doors like this open for me.”

(Source : ABS-CBN)

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