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Lucas Departs NCT, WayV Following Gaslighting Controversy

lucas leaves nct wayv following controversy

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — SM Entertainment, the management agency responsible for NCT and WayV, has officially announced that Lucas will be leaving both groups in the wake of a gaslighting controversy. Ending months of speculation surrounding the idol’s future, SM Entertainment confirmed Lucas’ departure on May 10.

In an official statement released by SM Entertainment, the agency revealed that a mutual decision had been reached after careful deliberation between the company and Lucas. The decision was made to allow the idol to pursue individual endeavors outside of NCT and WayV. 

The agency expressed its appreciation for the understanding and ongoing support of fans throughout this process.

The statement read:

“SM Entertainment would like to share an important announcement regarding Lucas’ future plans. After thoughtful discussions, we have mutually agreed to part ways with Lucas, both from the groups NCT and WayV, as he embarks on his individual journey. We sincerely appreciate the understanding and continued support of our fans, as this decision was made with careful consideration for the members and the fans who have been there from the beginning.”

Moving forward, Lucas plans to showcase his talents through various individual projects. Although his departure from NCT and WayV marks the end of an era, SM Entertainment expressed gratitude for the immense love and support received from fans throughout Lucas’ time as part of the group. The agency requested fans’ continued support and interest in Lucas’ future endeavors.

As the news spreads, fans and the K-pop community will closely observe the next steps in Lucas’ career and extend their unwavering support during this transitional phase.

The Controversy Surrounding Lucas

Though NCT’s Lucas was not accused of bullying, the scandal involving the idol was about gaslighting and cheating on his previous supposed girlfriends. The issue began when a Korean netizen and a Chinese netizen, who claimed to be former girlfriends of Lucas, stepped forward.

Lucas has found himself at the center of controversy as several women have come forward, accusing him of engaging in emotional manipulation and infidelity. These allegations have triggered a significant negative response from fans, who are demanding that Lucas takes responsibility for his behavior. 

Recently, several fans have demanded Lucas be kicked out of NCT. Netizens started calling out SM Entertainment, asking the agency to do to Lucas what HYBE has done to Kim Garam.

On social media, particularly on Twitter, netizens made the keywords “LUCAS NEXT” trend as they asked SM Entertainment to end NCT Lucas’ contract.– WhatALife!/Jayve

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