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Lola Amour gears up to release new track “Namimiss Ko Na” this March

Lola Amour new song

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Fans of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) are in for a treat as the band Lola Amour is all set to unveil their latest single, “Namimiss Ko Na” on March 13.

The announcement came via the band’s social media channels, accompanied by a teaser video that has since sparked anticipation and excitement among their followers.

“New song?? New song,” the band playfully noted in their announcement, confirming the upcoming release. 

The track will be available on major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, offering fans immediate access to the band’s newest creation.

The upcoming single “Namimiss Ko Na” follows the band’s successful tour last year, which was named after their hit song “Raining in Manila.” 

The track solidified its status in the music industry and inspired a spoof version titled “Waiting Here sa Pila” by the comedian Michael V., showcasing the song’s widespread influence.

Even international personalities like ENHYPEN, National Artist Ricky Lee, and BamBam have shown appreciation for Lola Amour’s music, indicating the band’s growing reach and impact beyond the Philippines.

Lola Amour’s discography includes other popular tracks such as “Fallen,” “Pwede Ba,” and “Maybe Maybe,” each contributing to the band’s reputation for producing engaging music.

Fans eagerly await “Namimiss Ko Na,” hoping it will become another addition to the band’s list of hits.

With “Namimiss Ko Na,” Lola Amour is set to capture the hearts of music lovers once again, reinforcing their position as one of the leading voices in the Filipino music scene. 

Fans are encouraged to mark their calendars and be among the first to experience the band’s latest work.

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