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LIST: Top 7 Achievable New Year’s Resolution Ideas


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What better way to turn over a new leaf than to make a New Year’s Resolution? Creating a New Year’s Resolution will often require grit and determination to see the fruits of your labor by the end of the year. Therefore, when creating or choosing a new year’s resolution, you must internalize what you want and can do. With that said, here are 7 achievable 2023 New Year’s Resolution Ideas that practically anyone can do!

Understanding Yourself

Before we proceed, we must first study who we are, what we want, what motivates us, etc. Internalizing helps you understand your capabilities and will also aid in increasing your efficiency so that you won’t have to waste time doing things you don’t want and can’t do. 

Realize Your Talents And Capabilities

Some people are good at singing, others have athletic abilities, and others can drink tea using their noses. If you’re unsure if you have any talents, try asking yourselves these questions and answering them honestly.

  • What was something I did that people commended me for?
  • What achievements did I get so far that people recognized me for?
  • What challenges have I overcome, and how did I overcome them?
  • What is unique about me? / What makes me stand out among the rest?

Understand Your Motivations

Motivations come in all shapes and sizes. It helps you get things done if there is something on the line. Know what motivates you, and no matter how difficult some of these New Year’s resolutions are, you will surely be able to finish them.

  • What is it that you need right now? Do you need it?
  • Anything you want to change about yourself? Is it for the better?
  • What’s something that gets your attention? 
  • What are your long-term goals and plans?

7 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas in 2023 That Anyone Can Do!

Getting Into Shape

Do your 2019 clothes not fit anymore? Did you gain weight throughout the pandemic? If so, start the year by getting into shape and getting that summer body you always wanted! This new year’s resolution can be pretty challenging, but everything will pay out in the end.

It might seem daunting to start going outdoors and jog around the neighborhood early in the morning, emphasizing early in the morning. However, fitness begins by creating a routine that is as simple as sleeping and waking on a fixed schedule.

Creating a pattern is the first step to disciplining yourself. In addition, regularly doing house chores such as cleaning your room or weeding the yard helps with your mental health while integrating the discipline you’re looking for as long as you do it regularly.

Healthy Eating and Healthy Living 

Out of all the New Year’s resolutions, this might be pricier, depending on how you approach it. Eating healthy does not always mean you eat only a salad every other day. Even if you eat a salad daily, the copious amounts of dressing you eat are unhealthy.

For this New Year’s Resolution, focus on eating in moderation. One portion of rice for every meal can be a good start. If you get hungry, try fruits such as bananas or an apple. 

Being healthy is not just watching what you eat. It’s also surrounding yourself with health; no, it’s not those health stones. Keep your surroundings clean, and exercise whenever possible such as walking to the next jeepney stop rather than taking two rides or using the stairs rather than taking the elevator.

Financial Discipline

Have you not heard? Financial Discipline is the new sexy nowadays. So what better partner to ask for than the one who can control their shopping urges and resist the temptation of free delivery coupons and flash sales?

With the world’s economic situation, financial discipline is no longer optional. Prices of goods can skyrocket at a moment’s notice, and that TWICE concert you were looking forward to? Plane tickets and accommodations are probably pricier!

Start your year by setting aside some extra money. That red envelope you got would probably help you in the future rather than splurging it on fast food chicken and watching Netflix. 

Also, cut down on streaming services. It’s not like you are staying home all day anymore. One streaming service is enough; maybe you and your friends can share different streaming services!

Time Management

Improve your productivity by scheduling your day ahead of time! Setting your sleep schedule can be the first step to a productive year. Properly observe work and rest time since taking a 10-minute break might extend to an hour. Afterward, you will lag, and your work will pile up, leaving you no time to be flexible!

Buying a scheduler is so last year. But worry not! Many scheduling apps are available for installation on your smartphones. These apps will set your schedule faster and help you remember your time. Moreover, carrying a smartphone is more convenient than a bulky scheduler.

Changing Habits

Habits are hard to stop, and that’s something everyone agrees on. They are something we routinely do based on many different factors. Are you feeling stressed? Get a smoke. Are you tired after a long day? Drink a few cans of beer. These are just some unhealthy habits that are popular among people working 8 to 5 jobs.

Since habits are routines, the best way to stop them is to do something random when faced with a situation. For example, instead of taking a smoke when stressed, why not stare blankly at the ceiling and fall asleep? Tired? Tire yourself out more by taking a short exercise. 

Read More Books

Reading books is the best way to pass the time. Moreover, you increase your knowledge when reading one. There are books for almost every interest, cooking, philosophy, how to conquer Rome, health, space, etc. You name it!

Learn A New Skill

Learning never stops. Some people may have no time to learn a new skill due to how busy they are with their life. But no, learning something new is easy; mastering it is what takes time. 

Practice playing the guitar during break times at work, and learn new cooking techniques by watching cooking videos as you eat. There are many ways to learn something new, and a year is more than enough to learn at least one new skill.

Closing Remarks

New year, new beginnings, more challenges, fresh faces, and so many things begin at the start of every year. Don’t be uncertain about starting something new. Take the first step and let the waves of time guide you till the following year. For more 2023 New Year’s Resolution ideas, we recommend the list made by parade.com. –WhatALife!/Vaughn

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