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LIST: Salary Grade in the Philippines 2023


The Salary Grading Scale is “a pay format where employees are placed within a pay level based on their education and work experience.” Every employee in an organization or institution has a particular job associated with a Pay Grade! This system makes sure that there’s a fair standard. Here is the Philippines Salary Grade in 2023…

Pay Grade or Salary Grade

Pay Grades, or Salary Grades, are a range of salaries expressed in levels from the lowest range to the highest. Employees are assigned their Salary Grade depending on their education, position, or responsibilities and at their job. And for the Salary Grade in the Philippines, the lowest level is 1, with the highest being 33. 

Here’s a complete list of the latest Salary Grade pay in the Philippines!

Salary Grade Table with the Minimum wage amounts for each level (Effective: January 1, 2023)

Salary GradeMinimum Monthly Salary

Salary Step

So these Pay Grades, except for level 33, have about eight steps. Level 33 only has two steps.

Salary Steps depend on how long a particular employee has been working in a specific position. Now, of course, this means that, while they may have different Salary Grades, new hires will always start at Salary Step 1. After that, employees move up a step every three years, provided they continuously exhibit competent effort at their job.

Employees who have served their three years well will learn of their pay raise with a Notice of Step Increment. And, of course, should an employee work hard at their job, the process will continue until Step 8, the very last one. Step 8 offers the highest rate within a Salary Grade!

Salary grade 2022 table (Effective: January 1, 2023)

Salary GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
113,00013,10913,21913,32913,44 113,55313,66613,780
213,8191392514,03214.14014,28414,35714 , 46814,578
314 ,67814, 79214, 90515,02015, 13615,25115,36915,486
617,55317,68817,82417,96218, 10018,23818,37918,520
718,62018,76318,90719,05319,19819,34619, 49419,644
819, 74419,92320,10420,28520,46820,65320,84021,029
92 1.12921,30421,4832 1, 66321,84422,02622 ,21022,396
1023,17623,37023,56523, 76223,96124,16124 ,36324,567
1127 ,00027 ,28427,57327,86528,16128,46228, 76629,075
1229 , 16529,44929,73730,02830,32330,62230,92431,230
1331,32031,63331,94932, 26932,59432,92233,25433,591
1433,84334,18734,53534,88835,24435,60535,97136,34 1
1536,61936,99737,38037, 76838,16038,55738,95939,367
1639,67240,08840,50940,9354 1,3674 1,80442 ,24742,694
1743,03043,48843,95144, 42044,89545,37645,86246,355
1846 , 72547 ,22847.73848,25348, 77649,30549 ,84050,382
1951,35752,09652,84753, 61054,38655, 17455,97656,790
2057,34758,18159,03059,89260,76961,66062, 56563,485
2271,51172,57773,66174, 76275,88177,0 1978, 15779,349
2490 ,07891,54893,04394, 56296,10597,67499,268100,888
25102,690104,366106,069107,800109,560111,348113, 166115,012
26116,040117,933119,85812 1,814123,803125,823127 ,876129,164
27131, 124133,264135,440137, 650139,897142,180144 , 501146,859
28148,171150,589153,047155, 545158,083160,664163, 286165,951
29167,432170,166172,943175, 766178,634181,550184, 513187,525
30189,199192,286195,425198,61520 1,856205,151208, 4992 11,902
31278,434283,872289,4 16295,069300,833306,708312 ,699318,806
32331,954338,649345,478352, 445359,553366,804374 ,202381,748
33419,14 4431,718

Sub-professional non-supervisory

As its name states, this category covers those who work on manual and/or routine tasks but aren’t in a position to supervise staff. Salary Grades 1 through 10 is linked to this particular category. Employees under it are elementary, secondary, or vocational school graduates. College undergraduates also fall under this category.

Here are some positions associated with this category:

  • Staff Aide
  • Draftsman I
  • Administrative Aide III
  • Dental Aide
  • Proofreader II

Sub-professional supervisory

This category encompasses workers who supervise employees with manual, clerical or technical jobs! This category needs staff who have secondary or vocational education. Otherwise, they should have spent two years in college. The sub-professional supervisory staff has Salary Grades from 4 to 18. 

Here are some positions associated with this category:

  • Electrician Foreman
  • Chief Bookbinder
  • Bookbinder IV

Professional non-supervisory

This particular category involves employees who have graduated from a four-year course. So, staff have vast knowledge in a specific practice or profession related to the arts or sciences. Also, the Salary Grades associated with the Professional non-supervisory category range from 8 to 30.

Here are some positions associated with this category:

  • College Professor 
  • University Professor
  • Teacher I
  • Chemist I
  • Statistician I
  • Tourist Receptionist I
  • Municipal Treasurer

Professional supervisory

Of course, this Philippine Salary Grade category has professional jobs in management, which entitle them to levels 9 to 33. Therefore, staff in this category are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree at least. In addition, employees should have extensive knowledge about their respective fields.

Here are some positions associated with this category:

  • Senior Vice President
  • Director II
  • Elementary School Principal I
  • Engineer IV

Executive category

For Philippine employees, particularly those associated with the government, these are the highest-paying Salary Grades. Therefore, these top Salary Grade levels are mostly connected to the top dogs of the Philippine government. 

Salary Grade 30

Its wages are ₱189,199.00 at least and ₱211,902.00 at most. Here are some positions associated with Salary Grade 30:

  • Constitutional Commission Commissioner
  • Department Undersecretary
  • Solicitor-General

Salary Grade 31

Its salary ranges from ₱278,434.00 to ₱318,806.00. Here are some examples of positions associated with Salary Grade 31:

  • Senator
  • Congressman
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice
  • Constitutional Commission Chairman
  • Executive Secretary
  • Department Secretary

Salary Grade 32

At a minimum, Salary Grade 32’s wages are ₱331,954.00. Step 8 entitles its employees to ₱381,748.00. Here are the positions associated with Salary Grade 32:

  • Vice President
  • Senate President
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice

Salary Grade 33

Salary Grade 33’s wages, at minimum, are ₱419,144.00 and max out at ₱431,718.00. The President of the Philippines, of course, has this Salary Grade.

Wrapping up the nation’s compensation system

An employee’s livelihood depends on their wage. It is what pays them for the arduous labor they provide to their company! Therefore, Pay Grades are necessary.

It might be difficult for a business to manage its own Pay Grades, but it’s not impossible. Starting from scratch might result in an unjust or uneven grading scale for the organization. On the other hand, potential problems like inconsistencies will be eliminated by a government-mandated salary grade. – WhatALife!/Jayve

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