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LIST: Outstanding Nursing Schools in Mindanao and its Top Students

outstanding nursing schools in mindanao and the top students from these schools

The Philippines is known to be a hub of high-skilled nurses who have made big contributions around the globe. As a result, nursing programs continue to be in demand, attracting many students.

Moreover, these schools have also made excellent top students representing these institutions well. 

If you are in Mindanao, you can check out this list of top-notch nursing schools and browse more information about them.

  1. Bukidnon State University
  2. Father Saturnino Urios University
  3. Mountain View College
  4. Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan
  5. Sultan Kudarat State University – Tacurong
  6. San Pedro College – Davao City
  7. Capitol University – Cagayan de Oro
  8. Mindanao Medical Foundation College – Davao City

These schools are also proud to introduce their students who have scored high on the latest 2023 nurses’ licensure examination.

According to the latest source in April and May 2023, these are the names on the top list.

  1. Mary Edrianne Codilla Sobretodo(Father Saturnino Urios University) – 91.40%
  2. Ryan Kenth Sale Vallente(Bukidnon State University) – 90.40%
  3. Chesia Earl Alivio Basinillo(Bukidnon State University) – 90.20%
  4. Charlene Dell Mabitasan Tayong(San Pedro College – Davao City) – 89.60%
  5. Mirasol Obasa Hinautan(Capitol University – Cagayan de Oro) – 82.20%
  6. Ellagene Derilo Adao(Mindanao Medical Foundation College – Davao City) -82.00%

Why is nursing big in the Philippines?

You may be wondering why nursing has been in-demand. In the Philippines, nursing is among the most desirable programs producing many graduates. But what makes nursing big in the Philippines? Here are some reasons why:

  • High demand for nurses
  • Cultural Value
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Education and Training
  • Career Stability
  • Government Support

These reasons have made nursing an appealing career choice for many students. Furthermore, these schools maintain their reputation as top nursing schools by consistently producing top-notchers and excellent-performing students. – WhatALife!/Val

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