LIST: LTO Restriction Codes 2022

Lto restriction code 2022

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The Land Transportation Office of the Philippines is responsible for all the land vehicles that travel on its roads. They implement new rules and oversee that motorists correctly follow new regulations. With that said, let’s look at LTOs new Restriction Code this 2022.

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New Driver’s License Format


The LTO created this new format to correctly display what vehicles can be operated in great detail by the drivers. It’s done by categorizing the vehicles by weight and their respective forms of transmission.

Drivers are also classified on what vehicle they can operate by the weight of the vehicle they can drive. The following list is the classification code for drivers and the vehicles they can operate:

  • A – Motorcycles
  • A1 – Tricycles
  • B – Vehicles Weighing up to 5,000 kg GVW with 8 seats
  • B1 – Vehicles Weighing up to 5,000 kg GVW with 9 or more seats
  • B2 – Truck Goods less than or equal to 3,500 kg GVW
  • C – Goods more than 3,500 kg GVW
  • D – Buses more than 5,000 kg with 9 or more seats
  • BE – Trailers less than or equal to 3,500 kg GVW
  • CE – Articulated vehicles with more than 3,500 kg combined GVW

On the right side of the Driver’s License Codes are the updated Vehicle Categories that range from:

  • L1 to L7 for motorcycles, tricycles (specifically three- and four-wheelers)
  • M1, M2, and N1 for vehicles up to 3,500 and 5,000 GVW for carrying goods or people
  • N2 and N3 for vehicles more than 3,500 kg GVW for carrying goods
  • M3 for buses above 5,000 GVW with more than 8 passenger seats
  • 01 for articulated vehicles less than 750 kg GVW
  • 02 for articulated vehicles up to 3,500 kg GVW
  • 03 and 04 for articulated vehicles of more than 3,500 GVW


The following words and abbreviations are used repeatedly in the list:

  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) – Vehicle Weight at maximum load
  • Unladen Vehicle Mass – Vehicle Weight without any additional cargo (this includes passengers and the driver.)
  • Articulated Vehicle – A Vehicle with a permanent or semi-permanent joint in its construction. E.g., 10-wheeler/trailer trucks.

LTO Driver’s License Classification

New Codes For Drivers With Medical Conditions

Final Thoughts

These restrictions are placed to prevent people without proper knowledge and experience from driving vehicles that might endanger themselves, pedestrians and other motorists around them.

Follow these codes and restrictions to prevent the revocation of your driving license and heavy fines that the Land Transportation Office might impose upon violation. – WhatALife!/Vaughn

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