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Kulas’ Incredible Discovery: Unveiling a Strange Fruit in the Philippines!

kulas incredible discovery unveiling a strange fruit in the philippines

Canadian vlogger Kulas recently stumbled upon a fascinating find during his trek through a local barangay in Mindanao. Amidst the lush greenery, local children were harvesting peculiar, large flowery structures resembling ferns. The unexpected reveal? A revelation that left Kulas in awe of the Philippines’ culinary treasures.

The children cracked open the shells to reveal clusters of tiny pods, each housing a seedy fruit enveloped in a sweet white pulp. Taking a taste of the enigmatic delight, Kulas likened the taste to a sweet strawberry with crunchy seeds. 

What baffled Kulas even more was the sheer unfamiliarity of this fruit. It left him questioning its identity, a mystery that still beckons for an answer. 

This mysterious fruit, known as the Pano’on, thrives in Filipino forests. Similar to pineapple or corn, it’s speculated to have roots in South America. Loved for its tart yet sweet flavor, locals savor it as a sweet snack. Moreover, the pods resemble unripe corncobs, adorned with arils holding bunches of berry-like fruits, even containing watery ‘nectar’ at the bud’s top.

Furthermore, growing nearly perpendicular to the ground, the buds evolve into towering plants with lily-like leaves, an exotic sight in the local landscape.

Ultimately, the awestruck Kulas extends gratitude to Mindanao and the Philippines for the unexpected gastronomic adventure. 

Have you encountered the Pano’on? Share your experiences or insights! Kulas’ discovery unveils yet another treasure from the Philippines’ diverse array of fruits, inviting us all to join in the quest to unlock the secrets of the country’s exotic delights.

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