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Kathryn Bernardo’s mom clarifies rumors about the actress transfer of network 

kathryn bernardos mom clarifies rumors about the actress transfer of network

MANILA, Philippines – Min Bernardo, mother of actress Kathryn Bernardo answers “Nooooo”, after various vlogs and speculations spread throughout the internet about Kathryn’s transfer to another network. 

“Hindi siya aalis ng Kapamilya network!” Min said and explained that this rumor is spreading because of her split with actor Daniel Padilla. 

Talks about Kathryn’s switching of networks became widely spread in the public after Kathniel’s break up. After the break up, ABS-CBN and Star Magic issued a statement. 

According to them, they remain “steadfast” in their “unwavering support” for their talents. They also asked the public to respect the ex-couple as they continued their journey in healing and moving on.

They have not done any interviews or issued any new statements as they have already expressed their sentiments on their social media accounts. We ask everyone to respect them and allow them to heal and move on, says a part of the joint statement.

After a successful stint in “A Very Good Girl” together with Dolly de Leon, Bernardo is preparing for her upcoming independent movie, “Elena 1944,” a historical film depicting the Japanese occupation. The cameras are scheduled to start rolling in 2024, guided by the direction of Olivia Lamasan.

Recently, Kathryn has been sharing Instagram stories that capture moments of her enjoying quality time with friends and family at her newly acquired residence.


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