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Kingdom Hearts’ Sora is in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!


Sora Is Finally Here! On October 5, Tuesday, Sora of Kingdom Hearts was revealed to be the latest and final DLC fighter for the hit game Super Smash Bros Ultimate via Nintendo’s YouTube livestream!

The game series’ director, Masahiro Sakurai, hosted a YouTube livestream announcing the final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Since Ultimate’s release in 2018, the announcements have added characters to the roster, and Director Sakurai himself personally hosted each. However, he stated that since it was the last announcement for the last fighter, it was “a bit sad.”

Sakurai also announced that Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame was the final DLC fighter. Here’s the character’s announcement trailer with some gameplay:

The Kingdom Hearts series is best known for its crossover between anime and the Disney franchise — you heard that right! Anime and Disney, together, in a game series! Sora is a magical fighter (perfect for Smash Bros!) who also wields a weapon called a Keyblade. So, the weapon is a giant key. Though it doesn’t outwardly have blade-like properties, Keyblade wielders grip it like a sword. 

In addition, Sora uses this Keyblade to fight across several worlds based on Disney films! So now he’ll be using it to battle fellow Smash Bros fighters.

The announcement was warmly received by many, starting an outpouring of love from fans on Twitter. Also, fanart congratulating Sora is trending all over the platform!


Super Smash Bros started in 1999. So, its first game released that year had a roster of eight characters. Yet with every game since then, the roster has blossomed into a massive cast of unique and iconic characters from the game world. So now, this roster includes not only Sora but also Link, Kirby, Mario Mario (yes, that’s his actual name). Also, Mewtwo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Isabelle, and Bayonetta are some of the more celebrated fighters! 

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora will be available in the 11th Challenger pack on October 18, 2021.

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