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KimPau real-life status, gearing up for “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Philippine remake

kimpau real life status gearing up for whats wrong with secretary kim philippine remake

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Actress Kim Chiu, alongside her co-star Paulo Avelino, recently shared their reactions to the growing enthusiasm of fans eager to see their on-screen chemistry blossom into real-life romance. 

The two, affectionately known as “KimPau” by fans, are set to lead in the highly anticipated Philippine adaptation of the Korean drama series “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”, which premieres on Viu this March 18.

During a media gathering, Chiu expressed amusement and gratitude towards the playful matchmaking efforts by netizens. 

“It’s a happy feeling that people are still excited to ‘ship’ us,” she remarked, acknowledging the warmth of their supporters’ wishes despite her recent split from Xian Lim.

Reflecting on his chemistry with Kim, Paulo Avelino commented, “What’s right about Kim? Everything.” 

He playfully teased about Chiu’s single status, urging a more positive outlook from her, while praising her beauty and successful career.

Both actors, having previously collaborated in the drama “Linlang,” delved into their frienship and mutual respect’s work ethic and professionalism. 

Kim, known for her energy, and Avelino, recognized for his dramatic prowess, found common ground in their passion for acting and efficiency on set.

In an exciting twist, Avelino revealed that accepting the role in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” was a gesture of affection and gratitude towards Kim, highlighting the unusual lengths they go to for love. 

Chiu mirrored this sentiment, discussing her innate generosity and dedication to those she cares about.

As the conversation steered towards their views on workplace romance, both actors emphasized professionalism, with Avelino noting the importance of maintaining a professional environment despite the potential for personal connections.

“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” promises a refreshing departure for Avelino, known for heavier roles, as he steps into romantic comedy alongside Kim. 

The series, a local adaptation of the Korean hit featuring Park Seo-Joon and Park Min-Young, explores the dynamic between a narcissistic boss and his competent secretary, sparking both humor and romance.

With a cast including Janice De Belen, Romnick Sarmenta, and Angeline Quinto, the series is set to capture hearts and laughter, further cementing Kim and Paulo’s status as one of the most anticipated on-screen pairings of the year.

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