Home “Can’t Buy Me Love” leaves cast and fans longing for more BingLing’s almost kiss

“Can’t Buy Me Love” leaves cast and fans longing for more BingLing’s almost kiss

Cant Buy Me Love leaves cast and fans

Episode 105 of the series “Can’t Buy Me Love” teased fans with a scene between the characters Bingo (played by Donny Pangilinan) and Caroline (played by Belle Mariano), known as BingLing. 

The scene in La Sifonia, escalated quickly as Bingo offered Caroline his jacket to fend off the cold, setting the stage for an electrifying near-kiss that was cut off just as their lips were about to meet, leaving audiences craving more.

The cast’s reaction to this scene was captured in a hilarious and heartwarming video, showcasing their genuine excitement and anticipation. 

Darren Espanto humorously commented on Bingo’s smooth move as “pasimple,” while Alora Sasam added her own comedic spin, joking about the jacket’s supposed stretchability. 

The moment Caroline softly declared, “I’m okay,” only to lock eyes passionately with Bingo, had the entire cast displaying uncontrollable ‘kilig’ smiles, clearly moved by the undeniable chemistry between the pair.

Karina Bautista couldn’t contain her adoration, expressing her love for the scene, whereas Joao Constancia and Gello Marquez seemed to brace themselves for a kiss that never came. 

Alora didn’t miss a beat, playfully commenting on the actors’ prominent features as they drew closer.

Adding to the excitement, Donny and Belle shared that they added their own twist to the scene with some improvised lines, guided by director Mae Cruz-Alviar’s encouragement to bring their faces inches apart. 

Kaila Estrada and Vivoree Esclito, though composed, were visibly thrilled by the scene, a sentiment echoed by the rest of the cast, who were vocal about their disappointment over the abrupt ending and left yearning for what could have happened next.

Alora humorously wished her character, Bierna, could have intervened to push BingLing over the threshold. 

The collective sentiment of disbelief and longing for continuation was summed up by Karina’s rhetorical, “’Yun na ‘yon? Hindi nila itutuloy?”

This cliffhanger has successfully ramped up anticipation for the next episode, proving once again the show’s knack for keeping its audience hooked.

Don’t miss the unfolding drama and romance of “Can’t Buy Me Love” airing on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z, where fans eagerly await to see if BingLing’s romance will finally take the leap they’ve been hoping for.

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