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Kathryn Bernardo’s family prefers Alden Richards over Jericho Rosales, Ogie Diaz’s source confirms

kathryn bernardos family prefers alden richards over jericho rosales ogie diazs source confirms

Recent reports, sourced from talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, shed light on the preferences of Kathryn Bernardo’s family regarding her potential romantic interests. 

According to Diaz’s insider, Kathryn’s kin favors Alden Richards, Asia’s Multimedia Star, over A-list actor Jericho Rosales.

The rumors linking Kathryn and Jericho initially surfaced after the two were spotted enjoying a late-night jog together. 

However, subsequent revelations clarified that they were not alone, accompanied by Kathryn’s friend John Manalo at the time.

Conversely, Alden Richards emerged as a prominent figure in Kathryn’s social sphere, particularly evident during intimate occasions such as her birthday celebration in Palawan and a surprise party organized in her honor.

In a recent episode of Ogie Diaz’s Showbiz Update vlog, the talent manager divulged insights from his source, indicating Alden’s active pursuit of Kathryn’s affections. 

Diaz emphasized observations of the duo’s body language and referenced Alden’s statement, “What you see is what you get,” to indicate his intentions.

Moreover, Diaz highlighted Alden’s approval from Kathryn’s family, citing qualities such as responsibility and financial stability as key factors. 

According to the source, Kathryn’s relatives find Alden’s demeanor endearing and aligning with their expectations.

However, Jericho Rosales has also expressed interest in courting Kathryn amid Alden’s advances. 

Nevertheless, Diaz’s source reaffirmed the family’s preference for Alden, suggesting a potential divergence in the actress’s romantic trajectory.

The absence of Jericho Rosales from Kathryn’s recent housewarming party further fueled speculations regarding the family’s inclinations. 

When questioned about Jericho’s nonattendance, Diaz cryptically remarked, “That answers the question.”

As conjecture continues to swirl within the entertainment sphere, the dynamics of Kathryn Bernardo’s romantic pursuits remain subject to scrutiny and speculation. 

With her family’s preferences now unveiled, the spotlight shifts towards Alden Richards as a leading contender for Kathryn’s affections, leaving Jericho Rosales in the wings of uncertainty.

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