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Alden Richards and Jericho Rosales are both courting Kathryn Bernardo, claims Ogie Diaz

alden richards and jericho rosales are both courting kathryn bernardo claims ogie diaz

Renowned showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz dropped a bombshell in his recent episode of “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update,” alleging that both Alden Richards and Jericho Rosales are vying for the affections of actress Kathryn Bernardo.

According to Diaz, a source within Kathryn’s inner circle revealed the romantic pursuits of both actors towards the acclaimed actress.

“Nanliligaw na itong si Alden kay Kathryn at makikita naman iyan sa kanilang body language,” Diaz disclosed, emphasizing their chemistry.

He elaborated on Alden’s favorable qualities: “Si Alden ay isang negosyante, financially stable, and responsable, kaya natutuwa kay Alden ang pamilya ni Kathryn.”

Meanwhile, Diaz didn’t shy away from revealing that Jericho Rosales is also running for Kathryn’s heart.

“Ang sabi ng aking source, nanliligaw si Jericho Rosales kay Kathryn,” he stated.

However, Diaz noted a preference within Kathryn’s family for Alden over Jericho, citing Alden’s alignment with their ideals for a partner.

Alden Richards recently addressed speculation surrounding a viral video showing him presenting a bouquet to Kathryn Bernardo during a post-birthday celebration.

In an interview with “24 Oras,” Alden clarified the nature of their relationship, stating, “What you see is what you get.” 

He enjoyed Kathryn’s celebration, which highlighted her happiness, as evidenced by the event.

The revelation of two suitors for Kathryn Bernardo has ignited curiosity among fans, who eagerly await further developments in her romantic life following her recent break-up with Daniel Padilla last November.

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