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Kathryn Bernardo opens up about moving on and forgiveness

kathryn bernardo opens up about moving on and forgiveness

In an interview with Mega Magazine, Box-Office Queen Kathryn Bernardo shared her journey of moving on following her breakup with ex-boyfriend Daniel Padilla. 

This marks the first time Kathryn has spoken openly about her experience since their split several months ago.

As the cover girl for the April issue, Kathryn consciously did not let the breakup affect her work. 

Despite the emotional turmoil, she prioritized her professional commitments and avoided portraying herself as a victim.

“I always make sure that when it comes to my work, nothing is affected,” Kathryn emphasized, acknowledging the pain she went through but opting to focus on her blessings and the support of those around her.

The Kapamilya actress highlighted the importance of forgiveness but clarified that it doesn’t necessarily entail reconciliation. “For me, you can forgive people who deserve it. But when I forgive you, it doesn’t mean that I have to keep you in my life.”

Kathryn stressed that forgiveness is a deeply personal process, “I forgive you for my peace of mind, for clarity, and for everything. But it doesn’t mean na pwede kang bumalik”.

“It depends. I’ll just keep my distance; you keep your distance. We’re okay like that. I mean, kunwari I got hurt. Why would I allow you to come back?” she asserted, emphasizing the need to maintain boundaries for her well-being.

When asked about her current emotional state, Kathryn expressed contentment and healing. “Now, where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be,” she affirmed, likening February to a fresh start and indicating her readiness to move forward.

Kathryn and Daniel’s breakup was confirmed on November 30, ending their 11-year relationship. 

Despite the challenges, Kathryn’s resilience and commitment to personal growth shine through as she enters this new chapter of her life with grace and strength.

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