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Julia Barretto to work with Aga Muhlach on upcoming film

julia barretto to work with aga muhlach on upcoming film

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Julia Barretto shared mixed emotions working with Aga Muhlach for their upcoming romance film, “Ikaw Pa Rin ang Pipiliin Ko.”

Barretto tackled concerns about the forthcoming film “Ikaw Pa Rin ang Pipiliin Ko” during a press conference. She underscored that she would not have agreed to work on the movie with Muhlach if it conveyed the “wrong message.”

“We’re wishing that people will be welcome to it and are open to it. Just as in real life, people can be understanding about it especially since we’re talking about two adults. I understand the feedback and concerns. I see it all,” she said.

During a press conference, the actress clarified the intent behind her Instagram post on January 26, where she urged the public to be open to the film. Barretto emphasized that while concerns are acknowledged, they wouldn’t have been involved if the movie conveyed the wrong message. 

She pointed out that the storyline aims to portray a “unique kind of love” reflective of real-life situations. Barretto stressed that the film is not intended to normalize anything and that love stories in film are a means of storytelling rather than an attempt to normalize specific behaviors.

Despite the challenges, Barretto acknowledged that working on the film was demanding. However, she highlighted that the camaraderie with her leading man, co-stars, and the production team contributed to making the experience vibrant and enjoyable.

“But I guess hindi naging madali ‘yung material na binigay sa’min (the material given to us was not easy) because we were trying to tell a unique love story,” she said.

In the media conference, Julia Barretto expressed gratitude to Aga Muhlach for being a supportive onscreen partner throughout the filming process.

“I’m just grateful for his good words. All the time, every time we see each other, he always has something nice to say. That means so much to me,” she said.

Directed by Denise O’Hara, “Ikaw Pa Rin ang Pipiliin Ko: is set to be released on February 7, signifies Aga Muhlach’s fourth collaboration with a member of the Barretto family. Previously, he had worked with Barretto’s mother, Marjorie, in “Forever” in 1994, and with aunts Claudine and Gretchen in “Kailangan Kita” (2002) and “Miguelito: Batang Rebelde” (1985), respectively.

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