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Liza Soberano praises co-star Cole Sprouse in “Lisa Frankenstein”

liza soberano praises co star cole sprouse

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Liza Soberano expresses only positive sentiments about her co-star, Cole Sprouse in “Lisa Frankenstein.”

Despite sharing just a single scene, the Filipina actress, Liza Soberano, described it as “pretty crazy,” as she mentioned in an interview with Media Mingle TV’s “Red Carpet Report.”

“He is such a veteran in this industry, I would say. He started working when he was a baby and that shows, like all the experience that he’s been through,” Liza said.

“Cole also knows how to set the tone and the energy in the room, which is very important from a lead,” she added.

“He’s constantly making sure that everybody is comfortable on set, that everybody is prepared,” she said.

Outside of filming, Liza mentioned that Cole was exceptionally kind, noting that the Hollywood actor played a role in making her feel comfortable and at ease with the entire team.

“He’s such a nice and humble guy the whole time,” Liza said.

“He was really trying to help me warm up to everybody and try to get me to talk, which I really appreciated about him because it can be very nerve-wracking, working with you know, such big celebrities, such big names in the industry,” she added.

“He never made me feel intimidated by him, which was very pleasant,” Liza said.

In the same set of interviews, Kathryn lauded Liza as “a gift to the world” and “the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

“She’s such a sweet human, and Taffy is really like a sideways human,” Kathryn explained, differentiating the two. 

“Working with her has been a lesson because she’s so professional. She’s like blowing me and Cole out of the water. This girl is funny and cries on command. She’s always perfect,” she added.

“Lisa Frankenstein” draws inspiration from Mary Shelley’s gothic novel “Frankenstein.” The storyline revolves around Lisa, portrayed by Kathryn Newton, a misunderstood teenager, and her romantic interest played by Cole Sprouse, who happens to be an attractive corpse.

Liza Soberano takes on the role of Taffy, Lisa’s stepsister and a popular but kind girl in this coming-of-rage film. Marking her Hollywood debut, the movie is directed by Zelda Williams and scripted by Oscar winner Diablo Cody. The Philippine cinema premiere is set for February 7.


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