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Jo Koy receives criticisms after hosting the 2024 Golden Globes award

jo koy receives criticisms after hosting the 2024 golden globes award

The Golden Globes host Jo Koy receives criticism after his opening monologue, getting anything but amusement from the crowd. 

During the awards show on Sunday, some segments of Koy’s opening monologue didn’t resonate well with the audience, prompting a defensive response from the comedian. 

He remarked, “I only got this gig 10 days ago! Want a flawless monologue? Come on, give me a break. I crafted some of these jokes – and those are the ones you’re finding funny.”

He joked about Taylor Swift, who was nominated for cinematic and box office achievements for her Eras Tour film, and her association with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. 

He mentioned, “As you all know, we came on right after a football double-header. What sets the Golden Globes apart from the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift, I promise.”

The Barbie joke of the Golden Globe host also created noise in Taylor Swift fans. 

“‘Barbie’ is about a plastic doll with big boobies,” the comedian said.

The immediate reaction from the star conveyed clear disappointment, swiftly spreading across online platforms.

When asked regarding moments he wished went differently, Koy mentioned, “I believe the Taylor Swift joke didn’t quite land as expected. It ended up being a bit awkward, I suppose. My intention was to poke fun at the NFL using cutaways and highlight that the Globes didn’t need that. It was more of a dig at the NFL, but it didn’t translate well.”

Amidst the audience’s reaction of disapproval to his “Barbie” joke, he defended himself by stating that he wasn’t the sole author of all the jokes.

Koy, who expressed his desire to make his “Filipino family” proud and highlighted the significance of representation before the event, did find some positive aspects of the night, particularly celebrating the multiple wins for the Asian American community. Among the awards, three were received by “Beef,” featuring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

Koy’s comedic content tended more toward conventional teasing of celebrities. In contrast, during Jerrod Carmichael’s hosting last year, he presented a provocative performance by directly tackling the controversy surrounding the absence of Black voting members within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the body that oversaw the Golden Globes until its dissolution.


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