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Jericho Rosales clarifies break up rumor with Kim Jones 

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Jericho Rosales clarified to the public that he and his wife Kim Jones have not broken up.

Ogie Diaz published a video discussing a “handsome actor” and his “good wife” who had reportedly gone their separate ways. Netizens quickly speculated in the comments that the subjects of the blind item were Jericho and Kim.

“I thought this handsome actor who married a very beautiful woman would have a good relationship all along.” According to his source, the two remain good friends while their marriage has been undergoing annulment for the past two to three years.

“All along, we thought they were still okay, that the two of them were enjoying each other’s company while their love hadn’t yet borne fruit because they didn’t have children,” he recounted.

When asked about his sentiments regarding the online scrutiny of his relationship by netizens, the actor had only one response to offer.

“No comment. It’s not the place. I never really talk about relationships,” he said during the anniversary party of a massage chair and recliner brand where he performed several songs.

When questioned further about his reluctance to discuss the issue, the actor responded by stating that he and Jones are content and happy in their relationship.

“Kim and I, we’re amazing, we’re fantastic,” he added.

The actor added that his “heart” is doing “good, great, fantastic, amazing.“

This isn’t the first instance where the couple has been implicated in rumors hinting at a potential breakup, often fueled by their absence in sharing photos of each other on social media.

Rosales and Jones, however, dispelled the speculations by attending the ABS-CBN ball together in September.

“It feels so good, we have so many good memories here. Seeing everyone together again is so much fun. To kiss and hug everyone we haven’t seen since before the pandemic,” Kim said.

Jericho and Kim tied the knot in 2014 in Boracay. Since then, they have been regularly traveling between Manila and their residence in New York. Their most recent public appearance together was at the 2023 ABS-CBN Ball.


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