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James Afante on Toni Talks: “It’s better to try than not try at all”

james afante on toni talks its better to try than not try at all

In a recent interview with Toni Talks, James Afante shared his journey from being a young entrepreneur to becoming TikTok Philippines’ top live seller, earning 27 million in just 4 hours.

James, a 24-year-old entrepreneur born in November 1999, has become a sensation on TikTok for his business acumen and entertaining and engaging live sessions.

His Chinese stepfather, a successful toy supplier to Gaisano malls, instilled his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. 

His early experiences included selling t-shirts and collecting bottles for recycling, laying the foundation for his future business ventures.

His journey into the world of networking at the age of 14 marked a turning point. Despite initial struggles, James received valuable advice from mentors, emphasizing the importance of living what you do and respecting your role. 

This guidance, coupled with his determination, led him to success, earning his first million at the age of 19.

His challenges, including a significant setback caused by someone close to stealing his earnings, did not deter James. 

Instead, he persevered, learning valuable lessons and rebuilding his business. During the pandemic, he embraced e-commerce, experiencing unprecedented growth and financial recovery.

James’ TikTok journey began when he recognized the platform’s potential for disrupting e-commerce. 

Leveraging his entertaining personality and unique selling approach, he started going live, engaging with viewers through games and giveaways. 

His first live session attracted 15,000 viewers, and his creative tactics led to a record-breaking gross sale of 21.1 million pesos in just four hours.

This success continued to soar, reaching 27 million pesos in subsequent sessions. The ability of James to connect with viewers and seamlessly integrate product sales into his entertaining live shows garnered attention and partnerships with brands, primarily in electronics.

Despite his achievements, James remains focused on his ultimate goal: achieving a life of time and financial freedom. 

“I learned that everything happens for a reason. That has always been my tagline,” he shared.

“If you don’t know the reason why this thing is happening to you or why you are failing this, always keep in mind that “it’s better to try than not try at all.” Because if you’re not trying, you don’t really have a chance. At the end of the day, it is you who will manage your life, not other people. You need to live your life for yourself, not for others,” he added.

He encourages others, especially the youth, to embrace mistakes and pursue their passions, emphasizing that happiness comes from enjoying what you do.

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