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Patrick Garcia on Toni Talks: You don’t act to win

Patrick Garcia at Toni Talks

Filipino actor Patrick Garcia shares insights into his journey from a child star in the entertainment industry to embracing the roles of a husband and father. 

Patrick Garcia, who began his acting career at the young age of nine, fondly recalls the days when fans would call his home, eager to hear the voice of their favorite young star. 

This intimate connection with fans, a hallmark of the ’90s showbiz landscape, set the stage for Patrick’s long-standing career.

As he entered the world of acting, it was serendipitous, stemming from his mother’s desire for him to build confidence. 

He started with commercials alongside his sister, eventually leading to his involvement in “Ang TV,” a popular children’s gag show. 

This experience, Patrick notes, was crucial in honing his skills in his career alongside peers who would become household names in Philippine entertainment.

Despite his charm, including a FAMAS award for Best Child Actor for his role in “Madrasta,” Garcia maintains a humble outlook on his career. 

“You don’t act to win,” he states, emphasizing the joy and learning the process brought him rather than the trophies.

Transitioning from a child star to a lead actor in teen dramas such as “Tabing Ilog,” Garcia’s career evolved alongside his personal growth. 

Yet, the spotlight came with its challenges, notably the lack of privacy and the pressure of public expectations.

Patrick Garcia shares how fame requires a balance between embracing the love from fans and maintaining a boundary against the inevitable bashing and criticism that come with celebrity status.

Reflecting on his journey from a sought-after teen idol to a family man, Garcia opens up about the impact of fatherhood and marriage on his life. 

Marrying Nikka Martinez, Garcia acknowledges his wife for being his pillar of strength and understanding. 

The actor shared the importance of faith and setting a high moral benchmark for his children, especially in how they view relationships and professional choices.

When asked about the possibility of his children following in his footsteps, Garcia expresses a cautious stance. 

He emphasizes the importance of pursuing passions for the right reasons beyond fame and popularity.

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