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Jake Cuenca on his budding romance with Chie Filomeno

jake cuenca on his budding romance with chie filomeno

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Actor Jake Cuenca discusses his budding romance with actress-model Chie Filomeno. 

“I don’t want to pull the trigger too early,” declared actor Jake Cuenca, who recently admitted to dating actress Chie Filomeno.

The actor said he had learned a few things from his last romantic relationship (with actress Kylie Verzosa) and would instead not go into details about what’s happening with Chie for fear of preempting things. “I’m happy, but like I said, ayaw kong maudlot. Things are very good right now, but there’s little to tell. I can certainly say that she makes me happy,” Jake told Inquirer Entertainment during a recent media gathering to launch the second season of his action series, “The Iron Heart.”

“What’s special about Chie is her heart. To be honest, I already knew that she was a very kind person the first time we dated. She’s also very family-oriented. I appreciate that about her because I’m also like that,” Jake pointed out. “I also appreciate her journey. She has been in this industry for a long time, but it’s only now that her star gets to shine. She waited for her time to come. I find that just as beautiful as she is.”

Rumors of an alleged budding romance between the two started to surface when netizens noticed Cuenca’s frequent trips to and reactions on the actress’ Instagram posts. – WhatALife!/Val

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