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ITZY Announced on Taking Legal Actions on Malicious Posts

itzy announced on taking legal actions on malicious posts

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — ITZY has announced that they will be taking legal actions on malicious posts and comments.

K-pop group Itzy has been getting trolled in social media by netizens. Majority of the haters are posting malicious remarks on the girl group. This has led to JYP Entertainment, Itzy’s agency, to announce a statement.

JYP Entertainment, which is ITZY’s agency, has released a statement on August 14 regarding the things that will be done with malicious posts and comments. They have taken the matter into their own hands and made a post on their fancafe account.  

The statement follows:

“Hello. This is JYPE.

Through an internal and external monitoring system, we thoroughly secured evidence on all actions that insult and defame the honor and image of our artists such as malicious slander, circulation of false information, sexual harassment, illegal filming, and the creation and circulation of fake content, and are taking all possible legal action together with a specialized law firm.

We once again announce that we will continue to take strong civil and criminal action for all actions that are defamatory and disrupt healthy activities of the artists and that there will be no leniency or settlement in that process.

We ask that fans who also have evidence on such violations actively send in tips. (fan@jype.com)

We will do our best in order for no harm to be done to not only the artists but also to all the fans who love ITZY.

Thank you.”

The statement was posted on JYP Entertainment’s official fancafe account for users to see. 

JYP Entertainment is making the netizens responsible for the things they say and that some of them may be taken as a criminal offense depending on the extent they take it to. 

ITZY, a female K-pop group under JYP Entertainment composed of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna first made their debut on February 12, 2019 with one of their single album “It’z Different.” – WhatALife!/Zain

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