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Is May 1, 2024, a Holiday in the Philippines?

is may 1 2024 a holiday in the philippines

With the upcoming Labor Day, many have asked, is  May 1, 2024 a holiday in the Philippines? Short Answer: Yes. The Philippine official gazette has declared May 1 a regular holiday in the Philippines. 

For this reason, this holiday, as per Proclamation No. 368, s. 2024, is in observance of the Labor Day 2024 or Araw ng mga Manggagawa celebration.

Ultimately, Labor Day is a regular holiday, which means employees are paid regardless of whether they work on that day or not. Moreover, with Labor Day designated as a regular holiday, netizens look forward to a well-rested celebration.

What is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it?

In general, aside from it being a regular holiday in the Philippines, Labor Day is dedicated to honor and recognize the hard work and significant contributions of workers in the economic and social development of the society. 

Consequently, Republic Act No. 3022 was enacted to declare May 1 as Araw ng mga Manggagawa and designate it as a Legal Holiday. Labor Day Philippines was first celebrated on May 1, 1903. 

Labor Day in the Philippines is celebrated annually on May 1 to celebrate hardworking Filipinos across the country. People in the country relax and spend the day with their family and friends.

Meanwhile, below is the list of Regular Holidays and Special non-working days in 2024 for your guide:

Regular Holidays in 2024

  • New Year’s Day – January 1 (Monday)
  • Maundy Thursday – March 28
  • Good Friday – March 29
  • Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9 (Tuesday)
  • Labor Day – May 1 (Wednesday)
  • Independence Day – June 12 (Wednesday)
  • National Heroes Day – August 26 (Monday)

Special non-working days in 2024

  • Ninoy Aquino Day – August 21 (Wednesday)
  • All Saints’ Day – November 1 (Friday)
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary – December 8 (Sunday)
  • Last day of the year – December 31 (Tuesday)

Additional Special non-working days in 2024

  • Chinese New Year – February 10 (Saturday)
  • All Souls’ Day – November 2 (Saturday)
  • Christmas Eve – December 24 (Tuesday)

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