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How to Renew Business Permit in Cagayan de Oro 2022


Although Cagayan de Oro City now opens its City Hall doors to walk-in applicants for business permit renewal and new applications, the city continues to encourage the use of its online for a faster, hassle-free, and convenient transaction.

Online Business Permit Renewal

Step 1: Go to citytreasurer.cagayandeoro.gov.ph

Enter citytreasurer.cagayandeoro.gov.ph on your internet browser to start registration/renewal.

Step 2: Get billing and pay online

Select Billing > Renewal Business Application > Fill up needed information > Click ‘Get Bill

Select Payment > Renewal Business Application > Fill up needed information (such as Reference code, Payor name, etc.) > Click ‘Confirm Payment

NOTE: Secure your payment confirmation by taking a screenshot

Step 3: Proceed to the registraion/renewal process

Register, set up a business profile, and upload screenshot payment confirmation and assessment at services.cagayandeoro.gov.ph/bponline

For New Business Permit, accomplish the following requirements:

  • Download and accomplish the Application Form
  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (if applicable)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)/CDA Registration (if applicable)
  • Contract of Lease (if applicable)
  • Occupancy Building Permit (if applicable)
  • Location Sketch (must be via Google Maps)

For Renewal

  • Previous Business Permit
  • Financial Statement or Income Tax Return
  • Download and accomplish Business Renewal Form

Step 4: Receive e-Business permit via BP Online

Download and print the e-Business permit.

For those who prefer to visit the City Hall, below are the steps to follow before and during the renewal process.

Onsite Business Permit Renewal

Step 1: Show Higala App QR code and vaccine card to enter the City Hall

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Step 2: Get billing and queuing number at kiosk, then wait for your number to be called to pay at the cashier

Step 3: Present copy of proof of payment and other required documents to Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS)

Step 4: Receive Business Permit

Watch the step-by-step tutorial video below by the city information office.

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