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How to get a PEOS certificate online?

How to get PEOS Certificate Online

Before beginning your journey to work abroad, one of the requirements is to have a Pre- Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) certificate from POEA. But what is a PEOS certificate? How do you acquire it? And can you get a PEOS certificate online? 

Thankfully, this post will walk you through each step of getting a PEOS certificate and how to register online.

What is a PEOS (Pre-employment Orientation Seminar) certificate?

The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar or PEOS is the first action you must take to look for employment overseas.

PEOS serves as training to become an OWF. It includes the essential information needed to be ready for work overseas, such as understanding your rights and obligations, frequent employment frauds, employment contracts, matching, etc.

Even though POEA has proposed several PEOS themes, PEOS providers are free to add any new subjects that their customers may find interesting.

The entire purpose is to give you sufficient knowledge about your foreign employment before traveling. Doing this will make you confident everything will go well for you, particularly concerning your paperwork and documents.

PEOS Benefits

PEOS was implemented as a welfare measure to give employees information to help them plan and make wise decisions regarding traveling overseas. The following are some advantages of passing the PEOS:

  • You will understand the work environment as an OFW abroad, which might help psychologically and emotionally prepare you.
  • The certificate is valid lifetime and never expires.
  • The seminar is without cost.
  • You will learn about the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act of 1995’s provisions on the rights and obligations of OFWs.
  • You may find modules that will walk you through the steps of applying for a visa, going through the Embassy system, getting ready to leave, signing the contract, going through the airport system, and settling down in your host country.

How to register for PEOS?

Before gaining access to claim your PEOS certificate, you must first register at the POEA Online Service Portal.

Here’s the guide on PEOS online registration. 

Step 1: Visit https://dmw.gov.ph/  and click the online services. 

Step 2: Clicking online services will lead you to six categories for Migrant Workers. Then, click E-Registration.

Step 3: Enter the details needed that appear in your passport, then click register. 

Step 4: POEA online services will send your temporary passwords and E-registration number for you to log in to your account. 

*Any provision or encoding of false information/misinterpretation and creation of multiple accounts may result in the cancellation of the privilege to use the e-Registration system or disqualification from POEA processing.

How to get a PEOS Certificate online?

Check out the step-by-step process on how to get your PEOS Certificate online. 

Step 1: Go to https://dmw.gov.ph/onlineservices and sign up by filling out the form and logging in.

Step 2: Proceed to online services, then click (PEOS) Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar.

Step 3: Learn from the modules.

This seminar gives you access to 8 professional/skilled learning modules and 7 household worker learning modules, including handling employment applications overseas, regulations and costs, and warnings concerning unlawful recruiting.

Step 4: Before going on to the next module, review the content and complete the Modular Assessment Test to ensure you fully comprehend it.

  • 1st Module: Prices – Information about what it’s like to work overseas.
  • 2nd Module: Job Search – This contains information about job processing, documents needed, and the use of OEC.
  • 3rd Module: Forewarned, Forearmed – Information on all aspects of illegal recruitment.
  • 4th Module: The Price is right – Information about pre-departure expenses (placement fees and documentation fees).
  • 5th Module: Seal the deal – This includes the minimum requirements for the typical international work contract.
  • 6th Module: Country Information – Keep your choices open and learn more about the nation you are interested in
  • 7th Module: Healthy & Safe – Details on the health and safety of OFWs.
  • 8th Module: POEA Cares – Regional offices and extension units listed by POEA

Step 5: After all modules have been finished, an email will give your test results. The email will also have a Certificate of Completion attached to it.

Step 6: Users may print it and send it directly to POEA.

The PEOS certificate contains your name, the completion date of PEOS, and the PEOS number. The certificate also contains a barcode.

If you have completed all the steps above, then congratulations, you’re now ready to start working abroad!

You can now continue to apply for jobs or in-house positions with POEA-licensed recruiting firms without having to pay immigration or placement costs until you are deployed abroad.

Now that you have your certification, you may preserve it if you need to attach it when you apply to work overseas for a company or on a job-order basis. In the unlikely event that you lose your printed copy, you can upload it to cloud storage services as backup.

Best wishes to our future modern-day heroes! –WhatALife!/Brix

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