HOW TO avail for DOLE-AKAP for OFWs financial assistance


DOLE-AKAP for OFWs, launched by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), in partnership with the Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration (OWWA), to provide financial assistance to sea-based and land-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are affected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis.

DOLE-AKAP for OFWs – OWWA has been accepting online applications since April 13, and so far assisted around 12,000 stranded OFWs due to community quarantine as of Monday, April 20.


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Aside from food, accommodation, and transport, eligible applicants may avail of the $200 or Php 10,000 financial assistance.

OWWA-Cordillera Regional Director Manuela Peña, however, clarified that OFWs whose date of return in the country was earlier than the prescribed February 3 date are NOT eligible. Those who have already availed the Php 10,000 special assistance OWWA previously awarded to stranded OFW OWWA members are also not eligible for DOLE-AKAP.



Under Department Order No.212, series of 2020, the following are the salient points of stated by DOLE:

Regular / Documented OFW, as defined in the 2016 Revised POEA Rules and Regulations refers to those:
who possesses a valid passport and appropriate visa or permit to stay and work in the receiving country; and
whose contract of employment has been processed by the POEA or the POLO.

Qualified Undocumented OFW:

  • who were originally regular or documented workers but for some reason or cause have thereafter lost their regular or documented status;
  • who are not registered with the POEA or whose contracts were not processed by POEA or the POLO, but have undertaken actions to regularize their contracts or status; or
  • who are not registered with the POEA or whose contracts were not processed by POEA or the POLO, but are active OWWA members at the time of availment.

Balik-Manggagawa who are unable to return to the host country, given that the host country is under lockdown due to COVID19.



The following shall be eligible for the DOLE-AKAP:

  • Those who have experienced job displacement due to the receiving country’s imposition of lockdown or community quarantine or having been infected by the disease;
  • Must be still at overseas job sites, or in the Philippines as Balik-Manggagawa, or already repatriated to the Philippines; and
  • Must not receive any financial support/assistance from the receiving countries/employers.



FOR OFWs WHO HAVE BEEN REPATRIATED / BALIK-MANGGAGAWA OFWs who have been repatriated to the Philippines and Balik-Manggagawa are instructed to apply online, following these steps:

VISIT and provide all required information, and click “NEXT” button;

UPLOAD the following requirements on the specified button:

  • Copy of Passport or Travel Document;
  • Copy of flight ticket or boarding pass proof of return in the country or arrival stamp/sticker attached in the Passport;
  • Proof of overseas employment i.e. valid verified overseas employment, OEC, residence I.D.s, visa/re-entry visa, among others or permit to stay in the receiving country; and
  • Proof of loss of employment on account of COVID19 or proof that the host country/ies are included in the list of those heavily affected by the COVID-19 (i.e. notice of termination of employment or closure of the company issued by the Foreign Recruitment Agency or principal/employer, incident report on the termination of employment submitted by the employer to the POLO concerned, Philippine Embassy/Consulate/POLO/OWWA certification/referral of displacement due to COVID-19, among others.)
  • For Qualified Undocumented Worker—proof that he/she and the employer have undertaken the necessary documentation to regularize her stay in the host country such as copies of employment contract, payslip, work visa, or other proof of employment.
  • Upon uploading necessary requirements, click the ‘SUBMIT’ button where a confirmation prompt will appear. In addition, a system-generated confirmation receipt will be sent to your email.

VALIDATION/EVALUATION. The concerned OWWA Regional Office through its OWWA Officers will conduct validation/evaluation of received applications with complete documentary requirements, and approve/deny the application, whichever is applicable. During validation or verification of documents submitted, our OWWA Officers may call you through the provided contact details or FB Account. Please cooperate and be ready to show the actual documents, id so required.


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CASH RELEASE. Once approved, your documents will be submitted to the concerned DOLE Regional Office for funding through Money transfer or PISONet, within five (5) working days
upon approval.

FOR OFWs ONSITE. OWWA advises applicants to get in touch with the nearest Philippine Labor Office (POLO) to avail of the “DOLE-AKAP for OFWs” Program.


NOTE: Following stringent social distancing measures, the agency urged its applicants to submit applications online.


Dole Akap As of April 20, 2020 /DOLE


For more information or concerns, visit them at or call OWWA Hotline 1348.


—(Source: Overseas Workers Welfare Administration)

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