How to get a Solo Parent ID in Makati?

how to apply solo parent id in makati

As a solo parent in Makati, you may feel the difficulty, but it can also be highly gratifying as you become your family’s hero. However, everything becomes more accessible with financial aid from public and private organizations, as well as a solo parent ID. The question is, how can you get a Solo Parent ID in Makati?

What is a Solo Parent ID?

In the Philippines, a Solitary Parent ID is a government-issued ID for single or solo parents. Solo parents who have this ID can take advantage of government discounts and benefits. They intend to provide various types of assistance and alleviate financial challenges faced by a parent who works only for the children.

Who is a Solo Parent?

The Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000, Republic Act No. 8972 (amended to Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act in 2022), defines the following people as single parents:

  1. A woman who gives birth due to rape or other crimes against chastity, as long as the mother maintains and nurtures the kid, even without the offender’s final conviction. 
  2. A parent is left alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to the following circumstances:
    • Spouse’s death;
    • The spouse has been imprisoned or is serving a sentence for a criminal conviction for at least one (1) year;
    • Physical and/or mental impairment of spouse as attested by a public medical practitioner;
    • Legally or de facto separate from their spouse for at least one (1) year, as long as they have custody of the children;
    • Declaration of nullity or annulment of marriage as decided by a court or a church so long as he/she has custody of the children.
  3. Unmarried mother/father who has chosen to keep and raise her/his child/children rather than have them cared for by others or given up to a welfare institution;
  4. Any other person who is exclusively responsible for providing parental care and support to a kid or children;
  5. Any family member who takes on the role of the family head as a result of the parents’ or sole parent’s death, abandonment, disappearance, or lengthy absence.

What are the procedures to get a Solo Parent ID in Makati?

This process outlines the numerous methods for applying for a solo parent ID in Makati.

  1. The following documents must be given to the City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) Office to obtain a Solo Parent ID:
    • Accomplished application form
    • 2 pcs. 1×1 ID picture of the applicant
    • Latest COMEC Certification
    • Barangay Certificate as solo/single parent
    • Latest Income Tax Return/Certificate of Employment (with Compensation)
    • Photocopy of Birth Certificates of Children, ages 17 and below
    • Latest picture of child/children with the applicant (if not yet schooling)
    • Photocopy of the latest school ID or certificate of enrollment of child/children (if schooling)
    • Affidavit of Single Parent (reason and since when)
    • Death certificate (if applicable)
    • Court Decree of Annulment/Legal Separation (if applicable)
    • Certificate of Guardianship (if applicable)
  2. The social worker who receives your application will ensure that all paperwork is in order and may conduct an initial interview.
  3. A social worker will conduct a home visitation and collateral interview.
  4. The MSWD will conduct further assessment and evaluation in approving the application.
  5. The ID will be issued 30 days after the application is submitted (if approved).

What are the benefits of a Solo Parent under the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act?

The following are the benefits granted to solo parents under the law:

  • Paid parental leave of not more than 7 working days per year to employees who have rendered at least 6 months of service, regardless of employment status;
  • Scholarship programs for solo parents and full school scholarships for one (1) child, said parent and child would be given full priority in the education programs provided by the government institutions;
  • Childminding centers within the workplace or in accessible locations near the workplace or residence of solo parents;
  • Allow working mothers who are solo parents to practice breastfeeding in the workplace;
  • Social safety assistance provided by the LGUs and is subject to the guidelines of the DSWD;
  • P1,000 monthly subsidy for solo parents earning a minimum wage and below;
  • A 10% discount and exemption from the VAT on baby’s milk, food, micronutrient supplements, sanitary diapers, duly prescribed medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplements purchased from the birth of the child or children until six (6) years old;
  • Automatic coverage under the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP);
  • Prioritization of solo parents and their children in re-entering the workforce;
  • Prioritization and allocation in housing projects.

Note: Only children under 22 years old and below who are unmarried and unemployed are granted the benefits under the act.

How to renew the Solo Parent ID?

When your Solo Parent ID expires, you must renew it at your LGU using the application form and supporting documentation you obtained. When renewing your Solo Parent ID, bring your expired Solo Parent ID with you.

As parenting without a spouse is difficult and time-consuming, financial assistance like the Solo Parents Welfare Act gives a reassuring feeling. So if you are living in Makati, apply for a Solo Parent ID today.

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