Home GUIDE: Where to Get a Medical Certificate for LTO in 2023?

GUIDE: Where to Get a Medical Certificate for LTO in 2023?

guide where to get a medical certificate for lto in 2023

Upon finishing their driving courses, Filipino citizens are usually advised to claim other requirements, including a medical certificate. It’s a major requirement for a driver’s license application, along with other essential documents. In this article, we’ll discuss what an LTO medical certificate is and where to get a medical certificate for LTO. 

What is an LTO Medical Certificate?

As mentioned above, an LTO Medical Certificate has always been vital when securing a driver’s license in the Philippines. However, before you get one, you must undergo a few physical examinations, such as an eye test and physical examination, to determine whether you’re fit or healthy enough to drive. Passengers build their trust better in qualified drivers.

Where to get the LTO Medical Certificate

You can secure an LTO medical certificate from any LTO-accredited or government physician, clinic, or hospital. These facilities are usually located within LTO’s vicinity.

Officers from LTO will assist you with your medical examination and take records of your basic details such as height, weight, and health conditions you may be suffering from.

How to Get a Medical Certificate for LTO

Citizens who are applying for a driver’s license, regardless of license classification, will need to follow these steps to secure their respective LTO medical certificates successfully:

Step 1:

Visit any LTO-accredited or government clinics and hospitals. In most cases, LTO offices have their clinics where applicants go to and proceed to their medical examinations. However, if they’re unavailable within LTO’s vicinity, you can always check LTO’s website for a nationwide list of accredited clinics and physicians. 

Step 2:

Prepare your finances and settle the fees needed.

Step 3: 

Provide your personal information on fill-up forms.

Step 4:

Prepare yourself to get tested for drug use, visual acuity, hearing and speaking, disabilities, and medical concerns.

Step 5:

Once you finish undergoing the mentioned tests, a certificate will be issued and sent electronically to LTO via the LTMS. In some cases, the certificate will be given right away to you by the attending physician and staff.

What does an LTO Medical Certificate look like?

Here’s a picture of an LTO medical certificate with its complete details that applicants should fill-up.

What Should Applicants Remember When Securing an LTO Medical Certificate?

Before securing an LTO medical certificate, it’s best to read and remember all these reminders on the list. This section will help you foster a seamless experience in securing your certificate. Anyways, here are essential things to remember before you dive right into the requirements.

  • You need an LTO medical certificate when applying for a driver’s license, whether as a new applicant or for renewal purposes.
  • In most cases, physicians will focus on your eyes to determine whether you can carry out a safe ride for yourself and your passengers.
  • During medical examinations, you’re expected to honestly tell the attending physician about your medical issues or health status.
  • Specific restrictions may take effect depending on your medical results.
  • Submission of fake medical certificates, whether duplicated, forged, or processed, from non-licensed medical professionals is strictly prohibited. 
  • Cases shall be filed if a driver’s license is accidentally issued.
  • If clinics within LTO’s vicinity aren’t available, you can always consider other LTO-accredited clinics to continue your medical tests.
  • Drivers involved in traffic accidents that result in the death of an individual, physical injuries, or property damages are required to undergo a medical examination at any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility. This is to assess their mental and physical fitness to drive within 72 hours of the road crash or, if applicable, their release from detention or medical care.
  • Drivers with a five-year validity must take the periodic medical exam (PME) before their 3rd birthday from the license’s issuance.
  • Drivers with a ten-year validity must also undergo the same PME. However, they’ll do it before their 4th or 7th birthdays from their license’s issuance.
  • For renewal purposes, license holders must also submit a medical examination certificate from LTO-accredited clinics every time of renewal. Also, the license is now valid for 10 years.

The Validity Period

The LTO medical certificate validity is a topic of concern for many drivers. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, an LTO medical certificate is typically valid for only 15 days from the date it was issued.

The short duration of validity for an LTO medical certificate means that people who get one must act quickly to finish any tasks related to the Land Transportation Office within this short period. The strict 15-day validity period emphasizes how important it is to handle the process of getting or renewing a driver’s license in the Philippines promptly and efficiently.

Renewal and Revalidation

After the initial three-month validity period, drivers need to renew their medical certificate. They must visit a licensed medical practitioner to undergo another medical examination and obtain a new certificate. This process ensures that drivers continue to meet the health standards necessary for safe driving.

Please note that the specific regulations and validity periods regarding LTO medical certificates may change over time. Drivers must stay informed about the latest requirements and regulations by checking the official LTO website or visiting an LTO office. Regulations may vary by location, and staying updated will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when applying for or renewing your driver’s license.


Now that you’ve successfully finished the whole article, we hope it’ll successfully guide you through. It’s always important to consider all the information and factors listed above to guarantee a smooth process of securing your LTO medical certificate. It’s also good to seek advice from license holders for added insights.

Moreover, we encourage readers to take note of the important reminders above as they are crucial to all citizens planning to secure an LTO medical certificate. As always, citizens who follow the rules can always ensure success.

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